3 beauty items you shouldn’t resist!

Are you looking for some beauty items that you NEED in your vanity? YES, NEED! These three products are worth the try. I can say after using all three, it improved my everyday beauty life!


Recoup BEAUTISCOOP is vibrant in color and versatile

Have you ever had a product you loved and wanted to use it until the very last drop? Of course, everyone has! The BEAUTISCOOP is exactly what you need to add to your product collection to ensure you’re not throwing away semi-empty products! The BEAUTISCOOP is everything! It is vibrant in color and versatile. This tool can save you a lot of money, so why not add it to your collection! The multifunction product is easy to clean for various use. Check out more about the BEAUTISCOOP at www.LIVEBEAUTILITY.com

Konjac Root is known as the ancient beauty secret for being an anti-aging product

Hydrating and exfoliating all in one! The Dew Puff has become one of my favorite products in the summer. It pretty much is an all-natural cleanser for any skin type plus it only has one ingredient which is Konjac root. Konjac Root is known as the ancient beauty secret of being an anti-aging product! It will help balance the pH of your skin while still gently exfoliating and cleansing. Check out more about the DEW PUFF at www.dewpuff.com

Aminocare Ageless Face Serum

Ever heard of the fountain of youth? Well, it’s real! The Aminocare line has several skincare products but KontrolBeauty has fallen in love with their Ageless line. This line comes with five amazing products that will change your life! Our favorite is the Aminocare serum. Serums are the new thing that should be added to everyone’s regimen. It also makes your foundation application FLAWLESS!

Aminocare Ageless Face Serum

This luxury item is worth every penny. Its powerful combination of vitamins C, E, and CoQ10 helps develop the BEST SERUM ever! After using this product for a week I noticed a significant change in my hyperpigmentation and acne scars. To find out more about the entire line head over to www.aminocare.com

Leah Gordone

Executive Beauty Director

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