3 Brow Tricks You Need To Know

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You know like I know the bold brow trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon! So instead of trying another trend that hasn’t yet come about how about just expanding on what is already there. Embrace you brows! Do more than just brush them. Be open to the possibilities that eye brows posses! Charlie Riddle and David Birdwell, Jane Cosmetics Global Directors of Creative Artistry & Education, really put in perspective three different ways to do your bold brows.

1. Ombrè brows! This is good for anyone who is rocking highlights in their hair! To achieve this, use three different shades.  At the beginning of your brow use a shade lighter than your brow. Aim the tip of your pencil up and use short little strokes and stop this around the middle of your eye. Blend in the middle with the second pencil which should be a shade darker than your actual brow. Use a spooley or brow brush to push the brow hairs up, and fill in spaces with the lighter shade then finish off by going over entire brow with the actual color of your brow.


2. Natural brows! This great for quick and on the go! Take a neutral shade to eye brow color and an angled brush. Follow the natural shape of your eye. Then finished by taking a clear brow gel and brush the brow up for a polished sheen look.


















3. Metallic brows! With it being summer time it is time for music festivals and concerts. A metallic brow is perfect for these events! You can use gold or silver liquid liner to lightly dust over your brow, and keep the rest of your make up neutral to make your brows their focal point.


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