3 Easy Gym Hairstyles For Your Natural Hair

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Dear Hair Gawds, “I need a few Gym Hairstyles that will help me cut back on the excuses that I use to avoid going to the gym… I have Body Goals” Love, Self

You shouldn’t have to make a compromise between your body and your hair. We worry about taking a long run and ruining the $100 blowout that took forever in a day to accomplish. These are choices that are popular amongst most women, but more so for African American women… a drop of sweat to a fresh blow might be $100 down the drain.

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Straightened Natural Hair

If you have the desire to get in the gym or head to your nearest park and drop that “Boo’d up winter weight” don’t let the fact that you have natural hair hinder you from accomplishing your goals. Even if you choose not to rock a protective style, you can do many things with your own hair to protect your tresses.

Sweat Bands Will Preserve Your Edges While In The Gym

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Sweat Band To Protect Your Edges

Protecting your hair from sweat is a must! The more you sweat the puffier your edges will be. Using a sweat band will help absorb the sweat, so if you have long hair or able to pull your hair into a high ponytail, this will help alleviate any hair stress to your hair. You also find that a good edge control will help to lay down your edges before applying the sweat band of your choice.

After The Gym…..

Depending on how hard you go in the gym, you may want to determine if you should, afterwards… wash your hair or not… I would say that if your workout is intense or if you have any type of odor… to WASH by ALL MEANS…

3 Hairstyles To Rock At The Gym

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Two Strand Twist
Pineapple, Natural Hair, Gym, Gym Hairstyle, Protective Style
Pineapple Up do
Cornrows, Braids, Natural Hair, Gym, Gym Hiarstyle
Simple Cornrow Hairstyle


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