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3 Reasons to Try Contact Lenses

3 Reasons to Try Contact Lenses

Whether you have been an avid glasses wearer ever since you can remember, or you have only recently found your eyesight to be deteriorating, you might be wondering about what your options are moving forward and are perhaps thinking about giving contact lenses a go.

Black woman holding contact lens

It is normal to be apprehensive about putting things in your eyes or to be nervous about the risks that are associated with wearing lenses, but there are plenty of great reasons to try contacts, and this piece will give you the low down on them!

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Relative Eyesight Freedom

The number one reason people opt for contacts over glasses is that it is the closest temporary option to 20/20 vision. If you are sensitive to feeling things on your face, you have an active job that can make glasses feel like a nuisance, or perhaps you just do not like the look of them, then contacts can be an excellent alternative. Make sure you go for an eye test to make sure that contacts are suitable for you and have them fitted properly by an optician before you try them out for the first time.

selective focus of contact lenses arranged on blue backdrop

If you are already well acquainted with the contact world, then you can also try different one day lenses to see which ones are the perfect match for you!

Useful for Certain Weather Conditions

Many of us have become well acquainted with the fog that accumulates on glasses when we have our masks on or when we walk into drastic changes of temperature, such as walking into a warm house after having a chilly stroll. The constant fog and steam on your glasses can become very irritating and also dangerous if it was to happen when you were driving or in a moment where you need to focus. This is also true for rain. While it is important that you do not get rain in your eyes when you are wearing contacts, getting rain on your glasses can also obstruct your vision and become a nuisance. Swapping to contacts can eliminate the problems that come with glasses when the weather is concerned and give you a more seamless seeing experience.

Girls with sunglasses

More Choice in Sunglasse

If you wear glasses regularly, there is a good chance that you will have also invested in some sunglasses for those brighter days. Sunglasses are particularly important for protecting your eyes against sun damage from UV rays, but if you have to use prescription sunglasses, you will more than likely be limited to one or two pairs at most. This is because they are not only expensive to buy but if your prescription changes every year or so, you will also have to replace the lenses on every pair of sunglasses frames you buy. Wearing contacts gives you the freedom to buy any kind of fashionable sunglasses that take your fancy without you having to worry about not being able to see! This is also helpful for those who are on a budget for accessories too, as prescription sunglasses will never be as cheap as regular sunglasses.





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