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3 things to Accept Now That Will Make Life EASIER!

3 things to Accept Now That Will Make Life EASIER!

Written by Tiara Shae

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Life is a big ol’ bucket of challenges. Unfortunately, there is no fool proof way to avoid life’s hardships. There are several hundred tips that can be shared that will make life a whole lot easier to handle and possibly simple to manipulate so that things always go your way (or at least appear as if it does). I won’t bore you with all of them but here are three powerful things that you need to realize and accept now that will change the course of your life in the most positive way.


Everyone is not your friend: Everyone is not your friend, and they don’t need to be. Sure it looks really cool when you’re in school or even at a party and have oceans of friends to hang with, but one thing you will notice is that things get very phony and messy when you have a large group of “bffs”. Secrets get told, cliques are formed, and someone always gets left out. JUST A MESS! Quality is way better than quantity. Give up the hopes of being liked by all and pleasing the world.


Speak UP! The old saying is oh-so true; “A closed mouth never gets fed.” If you want something in life…even if it’s a second chance, you have to speak up and out! It can something as simple as asking for a pencil to write with or for a promotion at your job, you have to be vocal about what you desire. What you’ll start to notice is that things work out more times than not. If you don’t get the desired result that you were looking for, it obviously wasn’t meant to be! That’s ok! Humans are very resilient so take advantage of that trait. Take the risks and speak!


The easy route isn’t always the best route: You see it everyday. People are always taking the easier route and life and it sometimes get them nowhere. It’s easy to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself. It’s easy to skip the workout and grab some McDonald’s for dinner every night. It’s easier to just sit back and watch life fly by. Don’t do that! When make a decision on what route to take, always weigh and examine the pros and cons. Pick the most successful route, even if it requires some sacrifice. The end destination will be worth the extended trip!

What are some life tips that have helped you so far? Share!


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