3 Ways to Make Your Suit Look Even Better

By: Eric Kelley II

Suits aren’t cheap! Whenever you purchase a suit, you’re making an investment. No doubts! Since you’ve paid about maybe.. Uh… a couple hundred or couple grand, you  have to make sure the suit is always looking it’s best! Think of this way. Your suit is your favorite sandwich. You love your favorite sandwich and you never leave out any condiments. You got to have the mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes, oil & vinegar and crushed red peppers! Confession, that’s my sub order, but you get the point. You have to make the suit supped up and delicious. You’ve already paid the big bucks and now I’m here to make your final touches superb.


The 3 ways to make your suit look even better are simple yet aesthetically effective. You can’t go wrong with getting fitted, adding a tad bit of bling, and making sure your pocket square is always on fleek.


Get Fitted: Time to make a new best friend. Get to know a tailor and make sure he or she has your back every time you purchase a suit. There are 3 types of fit. Slim, Tailored and Traditional. You and your tailor should figure out which silhouette works for and go to work.


Bling, Bling: Pins are so retro and they’re having a huge comeback. For the past year, pins have resurfaced and have been added to everything. The suit is no exception. Go searching for random pins and old school brooches to add some bling, bling to your suit’s look.


Flare: Here’s a style rule for you. Even though I’m not a stickler for rules, this one I follow always. NEVER match your ties with your pocket square. You want FLARE! Finding those pocket squares that are over the top and charming will give your suit the same feel.


Being plain and ordinary should never be associated with your suit! The 3 ways to make suit look even better will definitely make your suit look…. BETTER!!! Don’t make an investment without keeping it up-to-date and don’t have your sandwiches be dry. Keep your suits stylish and fashion forward. As always, stay fly trendsetters.



Eric Kelley

Stylist, Content Creator and A1 go to for any pop culture! My name is Eric Kelley II but you can call me E.K.II! My favorite snack is popcorn and hot sauce but like you care about that fact. I'm here to entertain and that's about it. You can catch my post on Kontrol Homme or my personal blog 'Theurbnwood.com' ! Stay fly Trendsetters!

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