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4 Cool Ways to Add Volume to Your Hair

4 Cool Ways to Add Volume to Your Hair


Who can deny that healthy hair adds volumes to a woman’s natural beauty? No matter what the color and the length, hair should always be healthy, voluminous and shiny to stand out. Now you may be thinking, ‘I have healthy hair, but my hair lacks volume.’. Voluminous hair is attractive and can definitely help you catch the attention you need when you’re out in public. Moreover, a great hair day does wonders to boost your confidence and build your self-esteem. Let’s take a look at 4 cool ways you can add volume to your hair so that you too can boast of a great hair day to your friends and family.


1. Hair Closures

Hair extensions gained immense popularity when they were first introduced into the world. Today new and more different hair extensions, like hair closures, have entered the market. You can purchase natural virgin hair closuresand attach them at the base of the cornrow. They work to improve the volume of the hair, its overall look and quality. Some closures can even be sewed in. Hair closures also work to protect your hair from excessive heat and product damage by attaching it to your natural hair.


2. Get a Haircut

One great way to naturally add more volume to your hair is by getting a haircut, especially if you’ve been putting off the same hair for a while. Typically, when hair is long, it adds weight to your hair and they end up losing their volume and looking flat and dull. Try getting a layered haircut to add more volume to your hair. For girls that have thin hair locks, they can get a shorter haircut. Moreover, creating hairstyles like a messy bun or parting your hair to the side are also great ideas to promote volume.


3. Select the Right Hair Brush

Selecting the right brush to use on your hair to create the best volume is very important. You can try using a teasing comb to tease the hair to give it more volume. When blow-drying the hair you can even try using a round brush made of nylon bristles and boar bristles as opposed to plastic because nylon and boar bristles offer more flexibility. Moreover, just brushing your hair often can also add volume because of the oils from the scalp are distributed to the tip.


4. Use Products to Volumize Your Hair

If you feel that you have the right haircut, but your hair still lacks life, then to add the volume you need to start making use of hair products. Try using a styling mousse to style your hair. This mouse will keep your hair set in that position all day. If you don’t have time to shower, then why not dry shampoo your hair and style them in a messy bun or crimp them from the roots. There’s another trick you can adopt to getting volumized hair – try blow drying your hair from below.


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