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The Evolution of Off-White

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“Defining the grey area between black and white as the color Off-White.” -Virgil Abloh


Intruding into the fashion industry, the brand Off-White has redefined street wear. We have heard the name, yet fail to understand the story behind the brand. Since spotted on A-List celebrities including Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Jay-Z and Travis Scott, many die to know what the hype is about. Celebrities are rocking it, but that’s not the substance behind the designs. The creativity, artistic freedom and endless possibilities are the makeup of the brand. Due to a pure vision of the elevation of street wear, creator, Virgil Abloh creates wardrobe necessities, street classics and high quality fashion essentials.

As mastermind behind the brand, Abloh remains a man of many hats within the creative field.


He holds heavy titles such as DJ, architect, graphic designer and creative director for Kanye West. Adding fashion designer to his repertoire seems unquestionable. Merging street fashion with art based creative direction, the brand is unlike any before. Abloh infuses his experiences, feelings and ideas during his frequent travels as inspiration for each collection. Consequently, his brand has been known to produce evolving designs, bold marketing statements and jaw-dropping visuals.

Off White Spring 2015 Menswear
Off White Spring 2015 Menswear
Off White Spring 2015 Menswear
Off White Spring 2015 Menswear

Releasing Spring Menswear 2015, the brand began with an overflow of ideas channeled in one collection.


Concepts of lackadaisical beach fashion and high-fashioned street wear led the collection. The streets were ingrained in this collection through branding placement, layering techniques and design detailing. T shirts over elongated mesh tops were a thing. There was a large focus on monochrome short sets. Lightly branding jackets, tops and pants with the title of the collection were key focal points. The collection seemed to be for the coolest of men, with style.

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Watching the evolution of menswear from the beloved brand, fans were engulfed by the level of innovation.


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Menswear Fall 2015
Menswear Fall 2016
Menswear Fall 2017

We have witnessed branding additions that advanced the following of Off-White.


The revamp of street classics seems mandatory, but there is more. Womenswear adds to the lineup, therefore, it was essential to create balance for both sexes. Releasing candid pieces within the menswear lines gave light to what the brand could do. But, creating an entire line for women adds value to the blooming brand. Ready-to-Wear features both street wear and evening wear to cater to women. We’re experiencing velvet tracksuits, patched puffer coats and sporty 2-piece suiting in comparison to wispy evening gowns, lace slips dresses and dramatic bell sleeved blouses. Women now have options. In addition, it’s rare to find one brand that holds both sides of the fashion sphere.

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Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear
KIM 0094
Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear
KIM 4348
Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear

Off-White has created an artistic medium that aims to touch multiple lives.


01 off white store
Courtesy of Vogue.com
02 off white store
Courtesy of Vogue.com
07 off white store
Courtesy of Vogue.com

Especially relevant, Adloh’s goal isn’t to simply sell clothing. His mission is to give a voice to the culture.


Pushing beyond selling clothes, Abloh opened his 12th Off-White store. Located in Soho, New York, the focus is on creating a realm for the fans. Due to love for the fanbase, stores are designed for the client. As a result, visual designs are based on the environment it thrives in. The 12th store has the idealism of Soho gallery history. Consequently, moving from traditional store design creates a way for the fans to touch, feel and experience the ‘artwork’. In conclusion, Abloh will open the Off-White gallery to local artists. Most noteworthy, the strategy will give artists the freedom to create a visual impact of the space, and Off-White clothes will serve as compliment. Finally, a well-developed platform for local artists brings forth so much more than simply purchasing clothing.

Off-White has made a way to push towards multiple agendas through designing clothing. The youth enjoys the brand for what it represents. Artistic expression moves people on different levels and this brand seems to channel just that.


Written by Sydney Murdock



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