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4 Reasons Why You Keep Experiencing Acne Break Outs

4 Reasons Why You Keep Experiencing Acne Break Outs

An acne break out right before a big date or vacation trip has to be the absolute WORST! Talk about a vibe kill.

We all have the desire to have completely flawless skin, not a blemish or pimple in sight.

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Clean Skin

However, that is not always the case. Some individuals experience more acne then others because of hormonal changes or genetics, two things that we can’t always avoid.

Furthermore, if your constant bought of breaking out isn’t coming from your birth control or the fact that your mom experienced severe acne through her adulthood, then there are a few other factors that we can attribute to those stubborn pimples.

1. Dirty Pillowcases

Our pillowcases trap the oils from our hair, slob, makeup and any other possible debris. You should change your sheets and pillowcases at least once a week to ensure that you aren’t subjecting you skin to those things.

2. Your Bearded Boo Thang

Beard season, beard gang, Clean Skin, Face wash, acne, beauty, kontrolbeauty, kontrolmag, skincare
Bearded Black Men- Google Images

All women are screaming #beardgang #beardseason…we love us some men with thick/ dark beards.  However, remember the last time you guys were cuddled up, making out? His prickly beard up against your soft skin, remember? Well, when this happens you guys are creating friction, stimulating oil production on your face. If he doesn’t see cutting the beard in the near future, suggest that he keep his facial hair conditioned to avoid that stabbing feeling on your face causing pimples to surface.

3. Wearing Baseball Caps

Hats have become an urban style trend. However, hats can trap in sweat and bacteria which causes pimples to surface. To determine whether the hat is the root of the problem, go a few days without wearing it to see if the acne on your forward goes away.

4. Drinking Too Much Soda/Juice & Not Enough Water

I’m not sure why some people just cant drink water. It seems so odd when I hear people say I hardly drink water because it is nasty! Say WHAT!!? Our bodies are made up of majority water. It is the water that we need to help flush out the toxins in our system which will prevent acne. SO DRINK UP!




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