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4 Tips to Reduce Breastfeeding Stress

4 Tips to Reduce Breastfeeding Stress

As a new mother, you have a lot going on, from getting used to having your baby at home to trying to get some sleep when it’s possible. All of the commotions can be super stressful on any new mom, but it can be even more stressful when you’re breastfeeding.

Stress is your body’s way of helping you cope with a threat or a situation that’s demanding in some way. While some stress can be good for you, as a breastfeeding mother, it can become overwhelming. Many women do feel stressed during this period in their lives because stress has been linked to lactating. If you’re a new mom who is breastfeeding and stresses, read on below for a few tips to reduce that stress the right way.

1. Reach out for support.

Joyful Black Mom Holding And Hugging Adorable Baby In Bedroom

Ask for support from your family and friends during this trying time in your life. While you may feel that you need to do everything on your own as a new mom, you don’t. If you have any questions about breastfeeding, the stress you’re under, or anything at all baby related, you can join Truly Mama, and the mothers who have been where you are or are there right now will try to answer them for you and give you the support you’re looking for.

The site is a community for new mothers where you can get advice, general parenting tips, and the support you need to make it through. As a new mother, you’re going to need help sometimes, and you should never be afraid to ask for it.

It also helps if you have the right tools, such as a high-quality pumping bra to make breastfeeding easier on you and your little bundle of joy. A hands-free pumping bra will make it possible for you to do other things while pumping, which makes you less stressed. When your hands are free to do other things as you pump, it makes life a whole lot easier.

A good quality bra made of a high-quality fabric can do a lot for a stressed mom. Ensure that you’re getting reputable hands-free pumps with a breast shield and all the accessories for the perfect fit and the best pumping session.

2. Identify your triggers.

Many times your stress levels go up during certain activities. For example, if you’re getting super stressed every time you watch the news, or you feel your stress levels rising whenever your Aunt Marge happens to call, try cutting those things out as much as possible. Identifying your triggers will go a long way towards helping you reduce breastfeeding stress.

3. Sleep Smart

Adopted African American baby girl asleep in a baby carrier on her adoptive white dad

While it may be tempting to clean the house, do your work, or catch up on washing the clothes that are way behind while the baby is sleeping, that’s not the best thing to do. Instead, you need to sleep smart and schedule your naps for when the baby is sleeping. Breastfeeding and taking care of a new baby is a major adjustment, you have to take the time to rest when the baby does so you can recharge. Sleeping on a schedule that your baby is on will help your breastfeeding stress more than anything else.

4. Exercise

Whether it’s yoga, a quick jog around the block, or Zumba, exercising can release endorphins that help you reduce your stress levels and be much happier overal

These are just a few of the tips out there to reduce breastfeeding stress. Make sure to reach out for help when your stress levels get overwhelming. You’d be surprised at how much support your family and friends can, and want, to be.


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