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5 Clear Signs That There is a Problem with Your Sewage Pipes

5 Clear Signs That There is a Problem with Your Sewage Pipes

Plumbing issues around the house are often minor, or at least they start out that way. But if left untreated, even a small and seemingly insignificant plumbing problem can snowball out of control and end up causing serious damage to your property. It is, therefore, worthwhile being able to identify the most common signs of a plumbing issue, so that you can respond promptly and effectively.

The good news is that if you know what to look for then you can identify the tell-tale signs of a plumbing issue and act before it is too late. Most common household plumbing issues are relatively simple and straightforward to fix. The following are the most common and most noticeable indications of a problem with your sewage pipes.

Slowed Drainage

If you suddenly find that water is draining very slowly and inefficiently from your sinks, then this is usually an indication of a blockage or obstruction causing water to back up. The plumbing systems in our homes consist of multiple branches, almost like a tree. Even though the water might only be backed up in certain fixtures, it can still indicate a broader problem.

Using one Fixture Causes Problems in Another

If you find yourself in a situation where, for example, flushing the toilet is causing water to back up into the bathtub, then this is another good indicator of some kind of blockage or obstruction in your sewage line.

Multiple Backups

Sometimes, you will find that water is backing up in many different fixtures simultaneously. If multiple primary fixtures, sinks, bathtubs, toilets, etc., are experiencing backups at the same time, then you can be fairly certain that you have a blockage affecting your home’s main sewage line. In these situations, even the most powerful industrial cleaner that you buy off the shelf isn’t going to help, so it’s time to call in the professionals.

Sediment in Backups

When water is backing up, be sure to take a look and pay attention to the characteristics of the water. If the water is dirty and contains sediment, then this is a strong indication that the water that you are seeing has backed up from the sewer line itself, not from your home’s internal plumbing. If you notice anything else strange or unusual, then consult with a website such as theplumbinginfo.com who can help you to identify your issue.

Unusual Smells

When everything is working as it should be with your sewage pipes, they should be airtight. This means that there will be no leaking of gases and no smells. However, when blockages occur, they can contribute to cracks and erosions forming in the pipework. If the pipes become damaged in this way, then the foul smell of sewage will be able to escape and will become very noticeable. If you begin to notice foul or unusual stenches inside or around your home, this could well indicate a drainage problem.

Learning how to identify the early warning signs of a sewage pipe issue is a useful skill for any homeowner to have. When left untreated, these issues can rapidly balloon into something far worse, and far costlier to fix.


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