5 Fashion Instagrams to Follow

I always think of my Instagram as my personal virtual curated museum. And as most museum tend to-do, they curate new collections for display on a regular basis. My art form of choice is fashion. I am always searching on Instagram for people who have interesting style and document their lives in beautiful and visually stunning ways. Thus I have curated my list of fashion instagrammers that you need to follow now!


1. Nausheen Shah


Nausheen is stylist, designer as well as travel and fashion contributor for Bergdorf Goodman, Travel+Liesure, L’Officiel and the New York Post.  For a more inimate look into her fashions and travels, visit ashahslife.com


2.  Kim


Kim is a North Carolina-based fashion blogger, who represents the plus-size fashion industry with such grace and beauty.  She offers excellent curvy-girl style advice on thenaturalfashionista.com.

naturally fashionable

3. Norris Danta Ford


Norris is an LA based Style Expert. Follow his blog norrisdantaford.com for exceptional men’s styling tips.


4. Diamond Mahone


She is one cool chick, with impressive visuals and vintage-inspired style. Explore more of her at diamondjanae.com. .


5. Michael Ja’Ameer


Midwest-based personal stylist and Creative Director of Fashionable Demand. Michael has a penchant and an eye for the intersection between art, music and fashion.


Michelle Gill

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