5 hobbies to Exercise Your Musical Creativity

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You don’t have to be the next Mozart or Beethoven or even the next Kanye to express yourself musically. Even for those of us who have never taken one lesson, music can take on such meaning in our lives. And what’s even better, you’re never too old to learn or at least tinker with lessons and instruments. Need some musical inspiration? Read on for five hobbies that will help you to exercise your musical creativity.

Take Up the Piano

Perhaps you’ve always envisioned rocking out on the guitar or on the drums but, if you ask any music professional worth his or her salt, the best place to start to learn the fundamentals of reading music is the piano. Get started here and the world is your musical oyster. Besides, you’ll become the life of the party. Is there anything better than when someone sits down at a soiree and gets a sing-along going? We think not.

Pump up the Jam With Some Visuals

Playing music or having a DJ do so at a party is fine, but you can take it to the next level by making your own visualizer. The Magic music visualizer allows you to draw abstract geometric patterns that spin and dance in time with the beats. Your inner composer will be unleashed and your music production skills will be honed as you create your own live performances. And if you want to save them for the sake of posterity or because someone wasn’t able to make the party, you can export the files to sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. If you’ve got a forthcoming fete, taking it from boring to bombastic with music visuals.

Try Out for a Musical

Again, you don’t have to be reaching for a Tony Award to exercise your right to be creative. Nearly every town has a local theater group and, even if you haven’t been in a play since high school, it could very well be like riding a bike. If the talent was there back then, chances are you’ve still got the chops … rusty chops, but chops nonetheless. Take some music lessons, acting lessons, and/or both and attend auditions. If nothing else, this will be an exercise in getting out of your comfort zone. Never say never! And you definitely don’t want to wonder later in life, “What if?”

Form a Dad or Mom Band

It might sound silly, but this is a big trend right now. Mothers and fathers don’t need to feel like life has ended now that they’ve entered parenthood. If you and your friends have played in bands in the past, why not take a trip down Musical Memory Lane? Get your kids in on the fun by playing at local block parties and other shindigs. While it could start out as just a part time gig for laughs, some of these bands end up getting gigs at local parties and weddings.

Start a Music Meetup Group

If you haven’t been on Meetup.com, it’s a great way to introduce yourself to people in your area with common interests. From running groups and book clubs to mom groups and cooking gurus, Meetup is a great way to find like minds, especially if you’re new to an area. If you’re someone who is musically inclined or at least interested in music, start a group for others who feel the same. Whether you play together, listen together, or begin to follow your favorite bands together, this common passion is something that can ignite lifelong friendships.

Don’t be intimidated if your musical ability extends as far as adding more cowbell. Music is something that can unite us all, so engage in any or all of these activities to invite more of it into your own life.

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