5 Poppin’ Influencers to Follow on Instagram this Summer

Nowadays, everyone seems to be following and copying each other verbatim. I get it though. Imitation is the best form flattery but if you’re going to do that at least start imitating some decent look individuals!

Instagram is a great source to follow and be inspired by others styles. Especially in the men’s fashion world. You’re basically a hashtag away from finding some amazing looks. What we have for you today at Kontrol is 5 Poppin’ Influencers to follow on Instagram to get your summer looks tight! Now to be clear; do not copy everything you see. Be inspired but make it your own. Experiment, dabble and twist what you like and what you see but try to be as original as you can. These influencers have original taste and so can you.


@igeeokafor :

  • The Look: Well tailored and adorably casual. Igee makes simple fashion look like high fashion. His look is made for those gentlemen that want their style to be effortless.

Igee 11DSC 0304


@isnathan :

  • The Look: Sporty Street Style.  Nathan is from Australia and he takes his street style with a “down under” twist. Also he runs his own fitness company so athletic wear is a big part of his style.




  • The Look: Comfy Street Style. Tanks, slim sweats and Adidas shelltoes are his day to day looks. The interesting thing about his style is that he uses the “high-low” system. Meaning using comfy items with high fashionable items.

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  • The Look: Straight Tailored. Brandon’s style is straight suits and ties. Everything about the man screams the ultimate gentlemen. He’s a true sartorial.

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  • The Look: Universial. Adam is a huge influencer that travels the world. With that, he takes a little bit of every place he visits and puts it into his style. This style and look is made for those that love to travel.


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