5 Reasons Why Women Absolutely Need To Use Collagen Daily


Collagen, which is traced in blood vessels, skin, digestive system, bones, muscles and tendons, has been accredited for replacing dead skin cells and imparting the requisite level of elasticity and strength to our skin which is the secret behind the youthful glow of famous tinsel town divas. The natural collagen formation of our body keeps on depleting with passing age paving the way for sagging skin, wrinkles and joint pain coupled with decreased or weaker cartilage. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, consuming a diet rich in sugar and high amount of sun exposure are also infamous for depleting the collagen levels in our body. Today we shall take a look at five of the most significant advantages, which daily usage of collagen can tag along in women.

Healing The Gut

The easily digestible collagen hydrolysate is known to improve low stomach acid and strengthen mucosal lining. It is rich in glycine, proline, glutamine and other essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium and phosphorous, which have an incredible healing effect on the digestive tract thus soothing down symptoms of ulcerative colitis, IBS and Crohn’s disease. Leaky gut is a common illness, which can be seen in people suffering from digestive anomalies. The propensity of gut healing gets boosted on taking collagen supplements on a daily basis or consuming bone broth for supper.

Strengthening Of Joints, Bones and Cartilage

One-third of our bones are constituted of collagen while cartilage comprises of two-third collagen. With growing age, our ligaments and tendons lose their flexibility which leads to stiff and swollen joints. Consumption of collagen has been revealed to bring along significant improvements in joint pain amongst 52% patients. The gel-like smooth structure of collagen helps us in gliding along with minimal discomfort.

Reduction In Cellulite, Wrinkles And Stretch Marks

Women tend to produce less collagen once they cross over 25 years of age which keeps on decreasing by 1% every year. By the time we reach fifty, our collagen production is not sufficient for the requirements of our body, which leads to skin sagging and appearance of fine lines. The market is filled with beauty products which are rich in collagen, but this miracle protein cannot be absorbed by our skin and needs to be taken internally. Breakdown of connective tissue is the main reason behind stretch marks and cellulite which can be tackled with collagen.

Boosted Up Nail & Hair Growth

The fibrous protein keratin serves as the focal component of nails and hair. It requires the backing of amino acids for its growth just like other proteins, and collagen comes jam-packed with the same. Consumption of collagen has proven to benefit you with faster-growing nails and voluminous hair, which is not prone to breakage.

Reduction In Inflammation

Collagen comes packed with amino acid glycine, which has been accredited with reducing inflammation as well as inflammatory diseases. Inflammation is the natural response of our body to harm. However, prolonged inflammation can prove to be detrimental to our body.

Research studies have revealed that collagen supplements can cure the condition of arthritis in elderly people. Plenty of natural ways are also prevalent in boosting our collagen content by adhering to a well-balanced diet, which is rich in animal protein such as fish, chicken, beef and egg whites.