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5 Research-Backed Strategies for How to Improve Math Skills in Kids

5 Research-Backed Strategies for How to Improve Math Skills in Kids

Want to learn how to improve math skills in your child? These strategies come backed with research. Try them, and watch your child improver

Did you know Americans have a reputation for being bad at math? Most jobs require a good level of math, and you don’t want your kid left behind. There are some simple ways you can get your child on the right path, early on.

To learn how to improve math skills in your child, learn about some research-backed strategies. If you’re ready to try them and see your child improve, read on!

Your Job as a Parent

The job of a parent is exhausting. Most of the standards we set ourselves aren’t realistic, so we have to give ourselves permission to drop the ball occasionally. One way to make that easier is to make a list of the things you’re doing that actually make a genuine impact on your child’s future.

And those that you’re just doing out of guilt or peer pressure. Let’s look at one you need to keep an eye on.

How to Improve Math Skills

On the list of activities that make a big difference, that you need to keep doing, is focussing on your child’s learning progress. If they need to improve in math, check out this list of how you can help.

  1. Regular Practice

Make a time (or two) each week when you sit down with them and help them practice. The regularity will speed up their learning, and we know when parents are involved in supervising homework or supporting schooling kids get better results. Just be careful to keep the sessions brief for smaller kids so they don’t burn out – they need lots of time for play, which is learning, too.

  1. Asking for Help

You don’t need to do this alone. Talk to your child’s teacher for suggestions on where they need to improve and how to make it happen. An online math tutor is one way to make it a supportive, team effort.

  1. Set Goals

Set achievable goals together. Try to make rewards experiential rather than materialistic. For younger children, it might even be a sticker chart you get going.

  1. Cut the Short-Cuts

There are no short-cuts. It’s best to learn the detail of solving each problem. Often, in exams students get points for their notes of ‘working it out’ even if the final answer isn’t correct. So, knowing the longer-form process right will get them better test results.

  1. Make It fun

Math can be just as fun as any other lesson, though we all get stuck in the cliche of thinking math is boring. Make it a song, or a game, or talk about funny objects for adding and subtracting. The more silly the example, the better they’ll remember it!

It All Adds up to a Focus on Math Practice

So there you have it – five research-backed tricks that answer the question ‘how to improve math skills’. Your support and encouragement mean everything. Don’t forget to take time for yourself as well – if you’re relaxed and feeling optimistic about the future, your kids will too.

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