5 Tips for the Perfect Men’s Holiday Look

Are you guys finished with your Christmas shopping? If not who cares, it’s time to figure out what you’re going to wear. Everyone knows that it’s not the gift you give but how you look giving it. You have a holiday look to put together.

We’ve provided a couple of tips to help you decide what threads to put on. Utilize these tips to put your best foot forward and see a stylish reflection in the mirror. Let’s get into it.

m holiday sweater 2015 Front 49282.1444782745.1280.1280Ditch the Christmas Sweater

There is no need to walk around looking like an advertising board for Christmas. Those ridiculous Christmas sweaters are no longer necessary. We get it, it’s Christmas. There are over 1,000 different things to let us know what holiday season it is. Throw away these sweaters and light the can on fire.

Turtlenecks Are Staples102084280

Trade in that ugly sweater for a stylish turtleneck. A great turtleneck stands alone and is a statement all by itself. Your whole outfit will basically be centered around this one item.

Men can dress up their turtlenecks with sportscoats, suits, or a great pair of slacks. Dressing them down requires a pair of jeans or better yet joggers. It depends on how you want to show up.

Button-down Default

Holiday LookWhen all else fails, pick up the first slim fit button-down that you can find. Slim fit is the best way to go because it eliminates the “boxy” look that traditional button-downs have and you can’t have that if you’re not wearing a suit or blazer.

Don’t go for the same colors that you’d normally pick for a corporate setting. Go for maroon, olive green, purple, not the same blue, yellow, or black that you work to the company meeting. Also, find shirts that have nice prints. They bring that “festive” element, without being over the top.

Don’t Be Afraid to Shine!



The lights are shining, along with the ornaments and decorations. Break out some of the jewelry pieces that you wouldn’t wear every day. Make sure your watch is right and add a bracelet. Wear another wring besides your wedding ring.

Suit Up or Shut Up!

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A suit will always do the trick. There’s nothing let to really say. It works for the company Christmas party, the holiday business mixer, Christmas dinner, and church if you’re one of those people who attends service on Christmas. The best part is that you can utilize all of the other items previously mentioned with your suit.

Martel Sharpe

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