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5 Ways to Look and Feel More Beautiful

5 Ways to Look and Feel More Beautiful

Everyone has their good and bad days and it is imperative that you look at all circumstances from the best possible perspective.

1. Wake up with gratitude and humility. 

One of the best ways to start the day is simply giving thanks for the ability to witness that day. Look at yourself in the mirror and instead of creating a list of critiques, complement the parts of your face and body that YOU love.

2. Be mindful of your diet. 

Skin clarity, fatigue, body chemistry, and mood swings can be directly correlated to your diet. Start the day with a healthy balanced breakfast which will consequently lead to you making better choices as the day progresses. Eat better, feel better, look better.

3. Participate in some form of exercise.

Exercise comes in countless forms. Try an aerial yoga class, Bikram yoga, a Zumba class; or,  plain old walking. The idea is to get up and get out. As you watch your body change your confidence will grow. The physical improvement is only the icing. It is your self perception that will benefit the most from this physical activity.

5.  As you think, so you are…

Beauty truly is an expression of your inner being. If you THINK you are beautiful then you ARE beautiful. You have to create the world that you want around you. Be positive and completely accepting of who you are inside and out because you have a purpose and a place and no one can ever take that away from you.

Now that’s beauty for ya!

-By Alia Jay


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