5 Ways to Rock a Pompadour Hairstyle

The pompadour hairstyle emerged as a women’s hairstyle in the 50’s and just like everything else that was once in style, it has made a comeback. But how does one wear the pompadour style? Is it more of a casual or a dressy style? Is the actual pompadour meant to be big or not? The pompadour hairstyle can be worn for any occasion and there’s also different ways to rock a pompadour. Here are just a few:

The Pompadour Ponytail

This was actually my go-to hairstyle 4 years ago when I was transitioning. Depending on how my hair was looking that day, I would either wear the remainder of my hair that wasn’t in the pompadour in a ponytail or in a bun (if the ponytail looked to stringy). This was a hairstyle that I wore on a regular basis for a couple of months. I had no idea that it had an actual name until I had stopped wearing the style lol. People always told me that I looked like a female Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae at the same time. Compliments all around.

Pompadour With Shaved Sides

Are the sides of your hair shaved but you like the look of a pompadour? No worries, you can also rock a pompadour with shaved sides. Of course that just means that your pompadour has to be HUGE, but the bigger, the better!

Pompadour Up-do

Speaking of Janelle Monae, the pompadour up-do is her signature style and she wears it BEAUTIFULLY. Her pompadour is always big and she doesn’t just wear it the same way all the time, she keeps it new and exciting. If you need more inspiration on how to style your pompadour, just look to Janelle!

Pompadour Up-do

Pompadour With Braided Sides

Another way to rock the pompadour is cornrowing your sides and and tying the back into a ponytail. This is a variation of the pompadour ponytail I mentioned before, but if you wanted to add some flavor, cornrows would be the perfect addition to the style. The way Ashanti rocks the style is enough motivation to try it!

Pompadour with Braided Sides

The Pompadour Haircut

If the pompadour is a style you would want long-term, a pompadour-inspired haircut may be for you. By shaving just the sides and back of your hair (not bald, just low), you can rock this look just like Rihanna!

Pompadour Haircut

And there you have it! 5 Ways to Rock a Pompadour Hairstyle.