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5 Ways To Make Money From Home

5 Ways To Make Money From Home


Making money is important, no matter how much you enjoy it or how much it fills you with dread. Without money, life becomes very difficult indeed. However, making money doesn’t have to be all about the daily grind; there are some interesting, surprising, and even fun ways to make money from home that don’t require you to journey to an office every day and work with people you don’t like. Here are just some of the many ideas out there.

Sell Your Gadgets

How many old smartphones, tablets, and computer systems do you have lying about your home? If you’re like most people, there will be a lot of them in drawers, forgotten about and doing nothing for you. If you sell these items (remember to wipe the information from them first) you could bring in a nice chunk of money, plus you’ll be de-cluttering your home which is always a good thing for comfort and peace of mind.

Sell Your Home

If you live somewhere, that’s too big, and you want to downsize you can make a good profit with the right West Vancouver realtor. You can use the money you make to buy a smaller place (outright, if possible, so you have no mortgage), saving a lot of cash each month in the process. Alternatively, you might want to buy a second property and rent it out. This can bring in a good monthly income, and if you work up to having a number of properties in your portfolio, this could be a good business that requires relatively little work and input from you.

Sell Your Photos

Are you always taking snaps with your smartphone? If so, and if they are interesting looking photos, you could make money by selling them online. There are many different sites that will form the basis of your photography selling, so take your time to find one that works best for you and upload your photos. If your photos are different and attractive enough, you could make a steady stream of money this way.

Rent Out Your Car

If your car sits around doing nothing most of the time, you could use it to make some money instead. Sign up for a car rental scheme where you can list your own vehicle for people to borrow when you’re not using it. You set the price you want, and the hours it’s available for, which means that when you do want to use it, you can have it back. If you have a motorhome or trailer, you can list those too. Since your driveway is going to be empty because your vehicle is going to be elsewhere, you can make even more money by renting it out as a parking space (this is really useful if you’re close to a bus or train station, or close to a shopping mall, for example).

Contribute To A Magazine

Take a look at all the magazines in stands at the checkout. You’ll notice that they are all looking for contributors, and they’ll pay too. Short stories, photos, anecdotes, recipes, household tips… they are all wanted. Find out what the requirements are for each magazine and send off as much as you can. Keep doing this, and eventually, you’ll start to earn some money from it.


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