50 Cent Speaks On Lil’ Wayne/Cash Money Drama!

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The Lil’ Wayne v. Cash Money drama is an ongoing yet interesting one. And as of lately, it has been heating up and has turned into a legal battle. Rapper and entrepreneur 50 Cent isn’t a stranger to the music industry and how messy things can get on the business side of it. 50 Cent (whose real name is Curtis Jackson) spared his two cents on the issue that has everybody’s attention with MTV:

“I think it’ll work itself out. I hate when personal things become public, because everyone speculates on things that they don’t really know about. I just know that they had a father and son relationship, and that could easily be something they communicate between the two of then, and resolve instead of having everybody else involved in it.”

50 Cent also warned everybody to stay out of the drama between the longtime partners in the music business. He say that it could be a very awkward and unforgiving situation for those who are butting in or picking side in the battle, especially if the two squash the beef and reunite. Sounds kind of like when your homeboy breaks up with his girlfriend and you tell him stuff like, “forget that tramp. We didn’t like her anyway,” and then he gets back with her….awkward level: Severe.


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