Don’t have anyone to share your Valentines Day with, don’t worry we have you covered. Instead of Valentines you can celebrate Galentines with your girls.

Plan an expensive dinner with your girls

Valentine’s Day is typically, table for 2. However, because you are dining with a group, there will be many tables open. Restaurants only have so many small tables, making it much easier for you to get a table for your party. Not to mention it’s always good to indulge a little.

Galentine's should be a national holiday
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Galentines gift exchange

No matter how strong you are, it can get depressing not receiving a gift on Valentines.  Plan a secret Santa gift exchange with you Galentine’s Day pals. You and your tribe can exchange names and get each other gifts for your expensive dinner. If you’re going to celebrate Galentine’s Day go all in.

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Go to a Dive Bar

Dress up really cute and you and your friends go to a Dive Bar. What better way feed your ego than to get compliments all night. Everyone else will be dressed casual while you and your friends will be the talk of the bar. Talk about stroking your ego.

Go to the gym

Let your sadness be your motivation to start working on your summertime body. Summer bodies are made in the winter. Plus this will keep you from drowning your tears in all the candy that will be on sale the day after Valentines.

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Treat yourself

Schedule a spa day and go get your hair and nails done. What better way to make yourself feel better than to get pampered. You can always post pictures on social media and let people assume bae scheduled your spa day.


If all else fails sleep the day away. When you wake up tomorrow it will all be over.

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