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6 Ways to Feel Confident on Your Next Date

6 Ways to Feel Confident on Your Next Date

6 Ways to Feel Confident on Your Next Date

The pressure of a date can make you feel a total lack of confidence. No matter how positive you might feel about your date, it can still be very intimidating. From deciding on what to wear to knowing where to go, every decision can make you break out in a cold sweat as you contemplate everything that might go wrong. If you’re returning to the dating game after a hiatus, or you’re looking for ways to improve your dates, then you should start thinking about confidence. This is the key to having a much more positive date, and dating confidence might be easier to achieve than you think.

Don’t Date For The Sake Of It


You should only ever go on dates that you’re interested in. Never feel obligated to go on a date until you’re ready. Have some idea of what you’re looking for. If you prefer older women, for example, look for reviews on the best cougar dating website options, and sign up. There are dating sites for every relationship niche, so start with what you know you like, and be prepared to have fun.

Be Open to the Unexpected


While everyone has their ‘type,’ dating outside of your comfort zone is a great way to loosen up your expectations. If you think you’re only interested in blondes, don’t dismiss the brunettes. Too high expectations for a date can lead to a total lack of confidence, so think realistically and use dating as a way of exploring new and exciting things.

Conversation Prep

One of the scariest things about dates is the fear that you’re both going to sit there in silence. Nothing’s quite as awkward as a date where neither of you has the confidence to start a conversation out of fear. All you have to do is prepare some talking points in advance. Work out everything you can about their interests, and tailor the date to what they like..

Be Yourself


Possible the most common piece of advice you will hear, and it’s often repeated because it’s so true. Don’t overthink your personality when it comes to a first date. Be the best version of yourself, but don’t try and be someone that you’re not. Overthinking can kill your confidence, so it’s very important that you just concentrate on being the best version of you that there is.

Coping with Rejection


Not every date is going to end up in a long-term relationship. Sometimes, you’ll think that a date went brilliantly, only to find that your partner didn’t think the same. Don’t take rejection personally. It’s far too easy to start second-guessing yourself in the face of a negative dating experience. Learn what you can from what went wrong, and use that knowledge to improve your next date.

It’s Not Just You


If you’re nervous, think about how your date might be feeling. They are human too and are probably just as nervous as you are. Concentrate on helping them to relax, and remember that the date is supposed to be about you both. If you focus entirely on your own fears, then you’re going to be neglecting your date, and that is far more likely to result in a bad experience for both of you.



Dating should be fun for both of you. Treat it as an enjoyable experience with no expectations, and you should start feeling more relaxed and confident. The less you worry, the more fun you will have, and that’s the best way to give your confidence a boost.


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