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6 Ways To Make You Look Younger

6 Ways To Make You Look Younger

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You can’t bring time to a standstill or turn back the clock to attain hair, hands, or skin that look more youthful. You also don’t have to go under the knife, purchase costly salon treatments, or load a medicine cabinet with potions or lotions.

What you need to do is to evaluate your day-to-day habits and incorporate some anti-aging hacks into your routine.

1. Eat as Colorful As Possible

Ensuring your plate is as colorful as possible before sitting down to dinner is a reliable strategy for supplying your body with important nutrients. Some of the anti-aging boosts you can incorporate in your meals include tomatoes, bell peppers, leafy greens, beets, blueberries, and citrus fruits.

2. Moisturize

One of the quickest and hassle-free ways to look younger within a short period is hydration. Apart from drinking enough water to keep your body hydrated, you will need to moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer to get rid of signs of aging like dullness and wrinkles. Although there is a large collection of moisturizers to choose from, you don’t have to buy anything too fancy. Natural oils like coconut oils and olive can be quite helpful.

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3. Seek Botox Treatment

Do you have strong frown lines and want to get rid of them? If so, Botox cosmetic could

be an ideal solution for you. This prescription medication is injected directly into the facial muscles of the patient. It is effective when it comes to eliminating visible frown streaks in both women and men. Botox prevents nerve impulses from getting to the affected area and averts the muscular activity that generates strong frown lines. If you are a resident of Los Angeles and its neighborhood, you can seek botox treatment at MyBotoxLA.

4. Muscle Up

Your muscle mass tends to decrease by 10 percent for each decade for individuals aged 30 and above. Thus, you should ensure all your meals have sufficient protein. In other words, you should include a protein source in at least one-third of your meal. You could also include weight training in your existing workout program to maintain muscle and boost your metabolism. Leverage your body weight, free weights, and circuit practices to prevent muscle loss and remain toned as you age.

5. Get Enough Sleep

A continuous lack of sleep will not only lead to red, puffy eyes but also fatigue. This fatigue will cause the level of cortisol to rise, which interferes with your health as well as your general appearance. High level of cortisol can speed up aging in you by digesting collagen in the skin. Enough sleep allows your body to relax and cortisol to return to normal level, improving your overall look.

6. Keep Your Smile Bright and White

Smiling can do many decent things to your mind, body, as well as the soul. It can also allow you to shed a couple of years off your real age. Discolored, tarnished teeth are not only distracting but also add a few years to your overall appearance.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money in buying beauty products or undergo surgery to attain a youthful look. Instead, you just need to embrace a healthy lifestyle. If you put in some effort and follow these 6 tips, you will look and feel younger within a short duration.


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