The 7 Easiest & Best Side Jobs for College Girls

Attending college and holding down a job can be challenging, particularly if your job is difficult or unpleasant.

You’re already having to study long hours in order to complete your classes and maintain a high grade point average, and now, on top of it, you have to show up to a place of work on time, well-dressed, and deal with any commands or attitude you may get from supervisors, customers, and employees. When you get off of work and finally make it home for some relaxation, you’re too tired to even enjoy more than a half an hour of your favorite show on Netflix.

Such a scenario is extremely common for any college student who is trying to stay gainfully employed while also attending a university or completing online courses. However, not all jobs are so difficult or strict, and some can even come naturally to you or feel more like entertainment than actual work. Although employers aren’t supposed to discriminate in their hiring practices based solely on gender, we can all admit that there are certain jobs that are better suited for females in a certain age group. While some of the jobs listed below may be outside of your “comfort zone,” most of them are very decent, easy, and good-paying side jobs to have:

1. Webcam Model

To some skeptics and cynics, being a webcam model is not a desirable job, but for those who actually enjoy the benefits of such a simple and lucrative position, it’s practically a dream job. You don’t even have to leave your bedroom, let alone your home, so it’s probably the most comfortable job on our list, which is why it took the top spot.

If you know how to use a basic webcam and feel like you have what it takes, it really would be silly not to apply for one of these jobs, as some companies pay up to $125/hour for work that basically involves sitting on your bed and speaking to people in a friendly and seductive manner. Some types of webcam models do more than that, but there are also models who never fully undress and yet still earn a good wage working for reputable and classy agencies like Next Level Modeling.

2. Waitress

Being a waitress really isn’t that much of a job when you’ve got great social skills and enjoy being around people. It’s more like an exercise in which you walk around handing people food, smiling, and interacting with them, collecting money as you go along. For the anti-social type, such a job might seem intimidating and anxiety-producing, but even if you’re shy or have no experience in customer service, once you get over the hump it becomes like second nature.

Sure, it’s not the easiest job physically if you’re working long shifts, as you’ll be doing a lot of walking and standing, but it’s good for keeping you in shape, so it’s almost like going to the gym for aerobics and getting paid for it. Plus, let’s not forget that you’ll be working around delicious food all day, and when you get breaks you’ll usually get a discounted or even free meal, so good food comes with the job as well.

3. Babysitting

Most parents prefer to leave their children with babysitters who are friendly females between the ages of 15-40. For some reason, middle-aged men just don’t fit the job description that well. Well, actually it’s quite obvious why girls in high school and college make good babysitters – those are prime child bearing years, which means a female babysitter in that age group is more likely to be compassionate and show maternal instincts when caring after a child she’s been tasked with babysitting.

Although babysitting isn’t usually the highest-paying job, the pay does vary and can be fairly decent for the amount work you’re doing, especially if you’re sitting for a wealthy family. It goes without saying that the position comes with a high level of responsibility, and you’ll need to be attentive to ensure no serious mishaps occur while the kids are under you care. You’ll also have to be okay with changing diapers, cleaning up messes, cooking, and taking care of other motherly duties.

4. Fitness Instructor

If you’re in fairly decent shape and are willing to do a bit of studying to become certified as a personal trainer, you could easily make use of your time at the gym by turning it into a part-time job. This is a great position for college girls because many women in this age bracket are already very active and are attractive enough to find favor in the eyes of a hiring manager at a local fitness center.

Plus, even if you can’t or don’t want to land a job at a gym, you can offer personal training services to a set of private clients for very good pay. You’ll also have the freedom of picking and choosing your clients if you go the independent route, so there’s no need to be concerned about the creepy, stalker types. You could even provide personal training services strictly to women if that would make you more comfortable.

5. Freelance Writer

If you’re good with words and can type at a reasonably decent speed, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to land a few writing clients and have a very decent side job waiting for you at home or anywhere you can connect to the internet. All you have to do is sign up or a few freelancing sites and start applying for projects. Be sure to put in some groundwork by building a portfolio of blog posts that you can link prospective clients to, and work on the art of the pitch to improve your chances of being hired.

Of course, let’s not deny the fact that many male clients find the profile picture of a female college student more appealing than the alternative of choosing an older male, even if it is a strictly online working relationship – the component of attraction is still there. There’s also some data that suggests women are better at customer service, so many managers and entrepreneurs prefer to work with female writers who have personal appeal.

6. Tutoring

Teaching kids can be a very easy job for a college student because you’re already studying and working in an academic environment on campus. Even if your courses are online, since you’re staying active in your schoolwork you should have no problem addressing the much more basic topics that an elementary or middle school student would be studying. If you’re getting decent grades in college, there’s a good chance you’re intelligent enough to teach basic algebra to a 7th grader.

You also have the option of specializing in specific topics to avoid those that you might’ve struggled with yourself. However, it’s best to only apply for a position as a tutor if you’re reasonably knowledgeable and well-rounded in academia. Nonetheless, there’s nothing wrong with taking a few refresher courses to rekindle your memory about specific concepts that your students are currently studying.

7. Telecommuting and Data Entry

Telecommuting is very easy for anyone who has decent communication skills. These positions usually pay well and have flexible hours, and since you’ll be able to work for companies based just about anywhere, your list of prospective employers will be much larger than in other industries. There are also a number of different job positions that you could choose from. For example, you could be a customer service rep providing assistance based on a prompt system, a sales specialist engaging in telemarketing, or even just a designated caller that follows up with clients or leads.

Finally, we’re mentioning data entry last because it’s definitely not the easiest job. Although the tasks are typically not complicated, they’re usually extremely tedious and repetitive, and can therefore be mentally exhausting. Working long hours on a computer and dealing with a large amount of data while you’re also studying on a regular basis can be tough, but if you’re the type who is up to the challenge, it’s also a very convenient and simple job. Once you get good at it, you could be earning anywhere from $20-$50 an hour or more, and the tasks never involve too much critical thinking.

Balancing Ease of Work with Pay Level

Some jobs are extremely difficult and pay very little, while others are very easy and pay a lot. As an individual who is currently shaping your own future by pursuing a degree, you have every right to choose the “easy route” if it means you’ll be making more money with less effort. There’s no need to get caught up in a job that you’re not enjoying while also accepting a lower wage than you could be earning.

At the same time, as a college student you have to remember that you don’t want to over commit to a difficult job just because the pay is good. In some cases, an easier job that pays a little less or carries less prestige might actually be the more appealing option if it means you’ll get more time off, enjoy your job more, and still earn enough to cover all of your financial obligations and miscellaneous leisure expenses.