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7 Reasons to Tint Your Car Windows

7 Reasons to Tint Your Car Windows

From wanting to look cool to wanting to stay cool, there are a lot of possible reasons why drivers might be interested in tinting their car windows. When it comes to choices of tint, consumers are spoiled. But for those that are still unconvinced, we’ve rounded up seven of our favorite reasons to tint your car windows.

  1. Style

For most people, tinting car windows is a matter of style. Plenty of people like the way a darker window looks, how it hides the unsightly bits of a car’s interior from view, even how tinting can help make a good paint job pop. Some simply enjoy the look of a tinted car, and with a variety of colors and shades available, for many, it is just another way to customize the look of one’s car. 

Policeman knocking at the car window

  1. Privacy

From not caring to catch a glimpse of fellow drivers picking their nose to not wanting potential thieves to see what’s in your parked car, there are a lot of reasons why car owners prize the privacy that a good window tinting job can provide. As any busy parent can attest, they can be a lifesaver when you don’t want to attract attention when changing a dirty diaper or feeding your child in the back of your vehicle.

  1. U/V Protection

When most of us go out on a sunny day, we take steps to ensure protection from the sun such as wearing long sleeves, wearing sunglasses, or putting on sunscreen. This is because the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays can damage and age skin — and those of us with fair skin can get sun burnt. What most people don’t realize is, a standard car window provides almost no protection from these harmful rays.

Worker prepares car for tinting, tuning service

In reality, without tinting, a car can be a dangerous place to be on a sunny day, as you are likely to receive direct exposure while remaining relatively comfortable thanks to a car’s air conditioning. It isn’t just your skin that is in danger (as we will detail below). If you don’t have tinted windows, your eyes may be at risk as well. 

  1. Eye Protection

To take the reason of protecting from harmful ultraviolet rays one step further, when it comes to eye protection, tinting can be a useful tool. While it has already been noted that tint opacity is regulated differently by locality, in general, a good windshield tint can help protect the eyes from the worst effects of headlights and sunshine.

 It is important to note that not all tinting will provide adequate eye protection and can’t replace the utility of a good pair of polarized sunglasses. However, the right tint job can be very helpful in reducing strain and blunting the worst impacts of light on the eye. Some preliminary research suggests that certain tint colors may help older drivers better deal with glare – though further study is required. 

  1. Make Your Vehicle Inconspicuous

A tinted car draws little attention. If a well-tinted vehicle isn’t running, there is little to suggest that it is occupied at all. This is to the advantage of those that are looking for an inconspicuous vehicle. There can be an advantage to the ambiguity of not being able to see exactly what is going on in a car. 

  1. Help Your Car Stay Cooler

The weather in some parts of the country can almost necessitate tinting car windows. With ambient temperatures routinely hitting 100-degrees Fahrenheit in desert states such as Arizona and Texas, a parked car can quickly exceed these temperatures if left exposed to the sun. If you live in Amarillo, Texas, (where the summertime high averages approximately 91 degrees) you know a leather seat can get hot fast! But, as noted above, there is something that can help reflect the sun’s rays and keep vehicles cooler.


But how to keep the sunshine out? This is where window tinting comes in, and working with a local reputable tint specialist can make all the difference. The right tint job can substantially improve the efficiency of your car’s air conditioning system — especially in hot and arid climates. This is also why someone looking for window tinting in Bedford, TX will have many different needs compared to someone living in Burlington, Vermont. 

  1. Inexpensive Car Customization

Detailing your car can easily cost hundreds of dollars. By comparison, tinting is an inexpensive option when it comes to customizing your car’s looks. Not only is tinting economical and stylish, as noted above, but it can also improve efficiency and lower operating costs when done properly. Additionally, this can potentially increase resale value or at least offer a unique selling point.

Final Thoughts

The exact reasoning behind wanting to tint your car windows can vary between people, but the most important thing is making sure you get the right experts to take care of all your window tinting needs. 



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