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7 Reasons You Have Nothing To Wear

7 Reasons You Have Nothing To Wear

So you’re getting ready… You go to the closet browse around, but come up with nothing. Then you go to your dresser and search, but still you find nothing! You even go up to the attic, down to the basement, and go through the garage, and you still come up empty handed?! You feel backed in to a corner. “I have nothing to wear,” is what you say to your significant other as you head to nearest mall to spend all of your money on clothes you didn’t even need in the first place.

Here are 7 possible reasons why you feel you have nothing to wear (hint: one or all may be true for you)


The Problem:

You have some old clothes not in a cute vintage lover kind of way but a not-so-cute ill fitting shirts you bought ten years ago. These clothes just don’t match the times, and they don’t belong in your wardrobe.

The Solution

Purge, purge, purge. Then start investing in more timeless pieces if you like to keep your clothing forever, make sure the quality will hold up and that the style will always fit in.


The Problem:

You are hanging on to your favorite top from high school, or planning to get back to your college weight so you can wear the skirt you wore on your first date. You might have clothes from your pre-weight loss journey and all the clothes in your closet have the not so purposeful over-sized look.

The Solution:

You need to get rid of the stuff that does not fit! If you need to ask a friend how something looks on you, do it. They’ll be honest.


The Problem:

You scrolled through Pinterest and Instagram one too many times and filled your closet with beautiful dress and tulle skirts but you work from home and usually only head out of the house to run errands.

Your clothes and lifestyle do not speak the same language which causes you to have nothing to wear.

The Solution:

Gather up all those beautiful clothes, head to a consignment shop and sell those things you never wear (keep some though! Every girl needs pretty dresses!)

Once you have earned a little cash, make yourself a list and head to the store!


The problem:

You opened your closet this morning and were buried under the clothes that spilled out at you. You’ve got one pair of jeans you love, but can’t find them because they could be in the closet, or your second closet, or in the laundry possibly in your trunk or best friend’s house.

You can’t keep track because you don’t have space for all that you have and you can’t find the things you love leaving you with absolutely nothing to wear!

The Solution:

Purge, purge, purge! Sell, donate, whatever just get it out of there!


The Problem:

You recognize beauty and quality and can’t resist sales at your favorite stores. You have clothes that you bought for their beauty but for some reason, you don’t feel like putting them on in the morning.

Thought you buy things you like, you also buy things you don’t like for you. Your closet does not lend to helping getting dressed be easy because you don’t actually WANT to wear your clothes. Therefore, you have nothing to wear.

The Solution

Create an inspiration board to help you determine your style. You can use Pinterest, but I really think building a tactile board will really help you visualize your style. The first thought is to use magazines, but catalogs feature more day to day styles. You can really learn a lot about outfit building by looking through catalogs like J Crew, Madewell, or Anthropologie.

Once you have an idea of what you truly love, make sure to check out the Ultimate Closet Purge guide!


The Problem:

Let’s face it women really only wear about 20 percent of their wardrobe. Since you are repeating the things that you love, they are in the laundry bin. It seems simple, but a lot of times I will think I have nothing to wear, but it is really that my staples are buried under heaps of overdue laundry.

The Solution

Simple… do your dang laundry!


The Problem:

You have clothes you love but you can’t seem to keep track of them. Shoes are with belts, shirts are on the floor… pretty much mass mayhem in you closet.

The Solution:

Empty your closet. Then put things in a way that makes sense to you. Make sure the items you were most often are the easiest to access. An organized closet will help you get dressed more efficiently.

Make sure to sign up for reminders to get tips about purging your closet and developing your style. Stick with me and you’ll have a functional closet in no time!


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