7 Tips to Find the Perfect Prom Dress

Prom Night

prom night

Prom night is a momentous night for every teenager. It’s a right of passage and an unforgettable experience which, of course, requires the perfect gown. But finding the perfect gown isn’t always an easy task. There are a lot of things to factor in. So if you find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are seven tips to help you find the perfect prom dress.

Create a Budget

The first tip is to create a budget for all prom expenses. This will ease the process of prom preparation and make everything go a little more smoothly. Prom dresses can range from all sorts of prices. Not to mention you also want to factor in the cost of shoes, make-up, accessories. So take enough time to sit down and do a little bit of math. Once you create a budget, the rest of your prom prep will go a little easier.

Your Body Type

Tip number two is knowing your body type. How many times have you seen clothing on a mannequin, thought it looked lovely, but then tried it on and discovered it looked totally different for you? This is because certain styles and looks will shape certain body types differently. It is important to figure out what styles and shapes look best with your body type. This will ensure the perfect gown.

Shop Around


Tip number three is to take your time shopping around. Look at different styles, different prices, different designs. There are a phenomenal amount of stylish formal gowns out there! You don’t want to settle for the first pretty one that you see. Chances are, you’ll end up finding one that’s even better later and just wind up returning or exchanging. So have fun with it. Make trips to multiple stores, browse online, and take your time finding the best gown.

Keep Comfort a Priority

Tip number five is to keep comfort a priority. There are a lot of drop-dead gorgeous gowns on the market. But what they don’t lack in appearance, they do lack in comfort. Some gowns might be tight and difficult to move around in. Others might have an itchy or uncomfortable material. You might find one that is absolutely gorgeous… but is the look worth it if you can’t dance, move around, or enjoy the evening?

Plan Early

Tip number six is to plan your gown shopping ahead of time. Waiting until the last minute can be a bit of a disaster. Sometimes you might buy a gown and realize later that it is the wrong size. Or maybe you bought it online and there was a shipping issue with it. Waiting until the last minute can ruin prom if things don’t go the way you hoped. So get an early start. This way, if something doesn’t go quite right, you’ll have enough time to fix it before it is too late.

Practice Run

The last tip is to put everything together, at least one time, before the actual day of prom. Put on your gown, your accessories, shoes, makeup, hairstyle, etc. Put your entire self together just as you would for prom. This way, if you have an accessory that clashes with your gown, you’ll know ahead of time. Or you can practice different makeup styles with it. Your gown is going to be your main show-stopper, so make sure that everything else you have with it, complements it perfectly. Get a feel for everything before the big day so you’ll be prepared and looking your absolute best.

Prom night is a magical night and hopefully these tips will help you pick out the perfect gown to dance the night away in.



Julian R. Lark is a distinguished entrepreneur and award-winning stylist, sought after for his take on classic glamour. Having over a decade of experience coupled with a degree in Fashion, Lark has made himself an integral part in creating breathtaking moments for countless Hollywood celebrities. As a tastemaker in fashion, he has launched an online boutique and showroom in Atlanta to make breathtaking moments accessible to his growing audience. Julian forged his own path by creating the nationally published Kontrol Magazine as Editor-in-chief and lead stylist. He has crafted memorable moments for Hollywood icons like Anita Baker, Lynn Whitefield, Toni Braxton and Lil’ Kim. He’s been called upon to work on projects for numerous studios and networks including FX, Netflix, Bravo, OWN, WeTV and VH1. Press features of his work include Huffington Post, People, US Weekly, E! News, The View, and The Wendy Williams Show. In addition to his work as a stylist, in 2014 Julian launched his first stylist class, which is designed to help aspiring stylist learn how to build a successful career in the industry. Continuing to leverage his audience he has launched his own cosmetics line, and agency for stylist. Julian has proven himself to be a creative visionary and industry zealot. His drive, coupled with his uncanny ability to empower through fashion and style will undoubtedly ensure constant growth, both personally and professionally, in fashion and beyond.

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