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The Queen of Neo-Ragtime! Live, Learn, & LOVE Dessy Di Lauro!

The Queen of Neo-Ragtime! Live, Learn, & LOVE Dessy Di Lauro!

Music is one of the most powerful, motivating, and influential forces on the planet. There is no way to measure the amount of time, money, energy, and work that goes into making the music industry the entity it is today. However, in the last few years, noticeably since the mid-2000’s, the industry seems to have become rather “plastic” and manufactured. In 2015, and currently, we have begun to see the resurgence of artists with purpose. These are men and women whose produce quality music and outstanding work. Thankfully, the Muses have heard our cries of disgust and delivered the musical angel that is Dessy Di Lauro!
Dessy is an artist with an amazing voice, even more amazing stage presence, and a sound unique to music nowadays. Whereas music is currently made to be catchy and almost mechanical, her sound is rife with a flavor and a zest indicative of true old school! “I’ve always had a great love for music…My sound is influenced by the music I grew up hearing in my home as a child…my parents exposed me to a lot of older music that people currently either don’t know of or just haven’t listened to…I took that and put my own spin to it…I think that is what draws people to my sound…” Dessy’s sound is not only contemporarily unique, but somewhat of an homage to Black music from the thirties. It can be aptly classified as “neo-ragtime!” In fact, thirties’ artist, Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway are just two of the historical musicians she was influenced by.

dessy di lauro hey mikey atl
Her timing with her music could not be more perfect. Mre and more people delving into the past for inspiration with modern art and music. “I feel like right now people are really trying to get back to their roots. There are a few artists like Janelle Monae, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar who keep it real, but right now the music just seems so ‘light and fluffy.’ There seems to be a real disconnect between the artists and the art and something’s got to be the bridge to get us back to that place…I’m not saying that I have the answers, but I feel music is timeless…just think about how older music influences music today…everywhere you look there’s someone sampling a song from the past…” Dessy’s own single, Go Head D, from her EP; samples Cab Calloway’s Hi De Ho. We have to say it is HOT! Not only has she sampled the song, but she has truly made it her own. Most times samples are just covers, but when an artists can put their own spin on something that is already dynamic the heights of its amazement has no limits!

Dessy Di Lauro and her husband, Ric'Key Pageot
Dessy Di Lauro and her husband, Ric’Key Pageot

Truly Dessy Di Lauro is an amazing artist and woman. She can scat, sing, dance, enamor any crowd, AND be an amazing wife! Her husband, Ric’Key Pageot, is not only her biggest supporter, but a fellow musician as well. Together, they have pushed her career forward, and through their love are building what will undoubtedly be an amazing musical legacy! “He’s [her husband] is just wonderful…I don’t how I could do all this without him…when you have a man loving you the way he loves me and just being there for you through it all; it really makes a world of difference…he’s an amazing partner, my best friend, an amazing musician, and just an all-around great guy…I’m blessed to call him mine.” Dessy admits she does want to have children, but right now her music is her baby and that has to be her primary focus. “Ric’Key and I have definitely talked about it and we want the timing to be right. With all the work and touring we’re doing it’s just not the time to add a newborn into the mix of that [she laughs].”

dessy di lauro hey mikey atl
Whether Dessy Di Lauro is working, relaxing, or making more amazing music she constantly has her mind on the future. She plants to make neo-ragtime a genre to be reckoned with! It takes some serious guts and even more amazing vocals to be the face of a movement. But Dessy’s got it. How? You might ask. It is because she has the heart and soul of a queen and the will and desire of the people to deliver goods of substance. We are fist pumping Dessy Di Lauro all the way to the top! Be sure you follow her on Twitter/IG @desseydilauro!


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