The Haves & The Have Nots- “Unexpected Visitors”

Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots begins with Candace and Erica finishing their beat down of Ms. DeLong. She reveals she was in league with Oscar to steal Candace’s money and was paid $25K to to help him. Candace demands she pay her the money back and then demands to know Oscar’s whereabouts and that she get custody of her son back to her. Ms. DeLong tells her she has already spent the money and begs Candace not to tell anyone. Candace demands she give her $100K instead and threatens to kill her if she does not. Ms. DeLong leaves, promising to get her the money. At the office, Oscar reveals that Maggie knew of Veronica’s affair with Benny. David tells her that she should not have lied and wants nothing to do with her. He also tells Oscar to reroute all of the calls at Benny’s tow yard to another company.


Katheryn arrives to speak with David and ask what he is doing to get out Veronica and Jim out of jail. David refuses to help them, feeling Veronica is safer where she is. Katheryn tells him that no one will help them and becomes furious when Maggie warns her against helping Jim. At the jail, Jim continues to antagonize Veronica. Elsewhere, Jennifer calls Katheryn’s banker and demands he release Wyatt’s inheritance. He reluctantly agrees, and tries to warn Katheryn to no avail. Wyatt thanks Jennifer for her help and moves into The Sarandon. There, he asks his friend to get him the condo he wants, a few girls, and prepares to get high off coke. Candace laments over her life and thinks perhaps her mother was right about her lifestyle. Erica warns her she had better come up with a plan to get War his money, reminding him what happened to the other women that double crossed him. She plans to get the money from Ms. DeLong and to convince Benny to allow him to mortgage both their homes.


Benny learns the phones at the tow yard have been tampered with and immediately blames David. He leaves angrily to confront him. Katheryn gets a lawyer to represent Jim and Veronica, but the latter refuses, deciding to represent herself. At the hearing, bail is denied for Jim, much to his dismay. Whereas Veronica gets out off a technicality of being Jeffery’s counsel when she discovered the Sedan. The judge releases her on bail. David goes to The Cryers’ home to speak with Hanna about her son, there she refuses to help him and states she is only there waiting to receive her check. David returns to the office and faces off with Benny. Benny demands he fix his phones but David leaves when he learns Veronica has been let out of jail.

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