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Cult: I’m starting to like makeup

Cult: I’m starting to like makeup

I’m throwing in the towel! I’m a makeup junkie now! Umm…not really.

During the month of February I was really focused on makeup. It wasn’t on purpose it just seemed to happen. I wore makeup more than I ever have last month and to be honest I enjoyed it. Maybe it was because I had so many events to attend or because I’m becoming obsessed with how good makeup can look on me if I take the time to do it right. Either way I’m starting to dig this cosmetic life.

I’m not to the point where I love wearing makeup on a daily basis, but eyeliner always makes the list. ALWAYS! Eyeliner is all I really wore for the last 3 years. My mom and sister always got on to me about adding a little foundation and/or eye shadow to my face, but Tom was not having that. Guess that’s why I was always the first lady in the house to be ready when we were all going out. In all honesty if it wasn’t for my sister’s Snapchat and YouTube tutorials then I probably would still be walking out the house with a bare face every day. So shout out to my glamourous sister Sarah. Follow her YouTube and Snapchat page @Iamsarahj.

The other day Sarah and I were just hanging out I realized how in love I was with her makeup. When I think about it now she actually learned how to do her own makeup very well within a month. All she did was watch YouTube videos of makeup tutorials. She’s always been better at the glam part of being a girl and I’ve just been the little sister who watched her all these years. She has no idea  about how much I’m about to start slaying!

Out of all of my many tasks with becoming a girly girl, I think learning how to do my makeup is going to be the hardest. If makeup allowed crooked lines and areas that weren’t blended then I would be the ultimate makeup artist. Unfortunately those type of skills are frowned on in the industry. I know I’ve said I hate makeup in the past, but I really don’t. I just don’t like applying it. If I had my personal makeup artist then I’d probably wear it every day. It’s no surprise that Tom loves to have a bare face especially when I know I’m going to have a busy day, but easier to put makeup if I plan ahead. He’s been getting his way up until now!

I planned a date with my sister to go makeup hunting for brushes, foundations, concealer, eye shadow, and the other makeup necessities I know nothing about. Hopefully within the next month I can put enough effort into creating my own fleeky eyebrows or beat face and then I can show you all my progress. While you wait look at how good Sarah  made me look.

20160218_162922 20160218_162817 20160218_162852

I call it “C.U.L.T”.. I’m not saying bye to my tomboy style. I’m saying see you later.

See(C) You(U) Later(L) Tom(T).

Be on the look out for giveaways and vlogs. Keep up with me on Instagram @vahnesaj Snapchat @queenesaj Use my hashtag when you’re having a tomboy or girly girl moment #CULT2K16



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