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The Haves & The Have Nots- “I Choose My Son”

The Haves & The Have Nots- “I Choose My Son”

The Haves & The Have Nots begin with Justin’s mother calling him to alert him to Quita and Jayden circling the block eyeing Candice’s home. She demands he get over there now. Quita and Jayden break in the back of her home and find the bleached stained wood where Quincy’s body was as well as his cell phone with blood on it. She fears the worst. Jayden tries to get her to leave with him, but the police catch them. At the jail, Veronica and Jim trade quips as she is released. Outside Candice’s house the police question Quita and Jayden, with the former claiming she knows Candice and was invited over. They do not believe her. Jeffrey arrives and is questioned as well. He tells them he does not know Jayden and Quita despite driving the latter’s car. He also denies knowing what happened to Quincy. Justin decides to question Jeffrey privately in the house, there he tells him he suspects something happened in the house that he does not want him looking into. He comes onto Jeffrey and tells him he can leave or they can have drinks and wait for Candace. Jeffrey tells him to leave, but he warns him if he does he will investigate what has happened. Jeffrey agrees to have drinks with him.

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Candice meets with Landon at The Sarandon to “catch up,” and informs him of The Harringtons’ and Cryers’ deeds. She reveals she plans to sue them for what they did to her brother. Landon relents about how much his misses Atlanta and how he is only there to help Maggie. Candice offers to introduce him to a hot guy and asks to go to his room. At Candice’s home Justin finishes a bottle of wine and then demands Jeffrey come upstairs with him. At the jail, Veronica runs into Quita as she is about to be released. The latter warns her not to go home and promises to tell her everything if she gets her out. Veronica collects her belongings, minus her wig which is missing. She tells Jennifer she plans to sue them for it. Jennifer refuses to let her leave out the back door to avoid the press, so Veronica uses the restroom to give herself a quick makeover. At the house, Justin continues to question Jeffrey about his past and then attacks him and throws him on the bed! He manages to outmaneuver him with a wrestling move, prompting Justin to temporarily back off and then holds him at gunpoint!

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Jeffrey tells Justin he thinks he enjoyed being pinned down. Justin warns him to never do it again or he will kill him. Veronica emerges from the restroom chic and fashionable. She tells her driver she is not leaving and to take her around back. At the Sarandon, Candice and Landon go to his room, there she tricks him and brings Erica and two thugs in to question him about Oscar. He tells her he does not know him, but did arrange they meet at his behest. She believes him when he pisses his pants in fear. She leaves to continue her search for Oscar. Back at the house, Jeffrey uses reverse psychology to assess Justin. He tells him he misuses his power and authority and keeps sexually touching him because he wants him. Justin tells him he is crazy, but Jeffrey grabs his erect penis and tells him the body does not lie. Justin threatens to bash his head in.


Katheryn arrives home to find things in disarray and Hanna waiting for her. Hanna confronts Katheryn about what her son did to Benny. Katheryn apologizes to her, but tells her she knew what was going on the entire time. Hanna tells her about her uncle and how he died from her giving the wrong information. She admonishes Katheryn for covering up for Wyatt. Katheryn in turn refuses to admit her part in the cover up. Katheryn tells her she is her friend, but had to choose her son. Hanna tells her she will choose her son as well. Katheryn begs her not to leave. Hanna demands her check, but she refuses and tells her she gets paid on the first and not to leave her.

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