Sound Off: R&B Songbird, Tweet, Returns!

It’s a nearly impossible task to forget the entrancing vocals of an artist like Charlene Keys, better known as Tweet. Her sultry tones summoned from the soul, worked into life by agile vocal cords and released from the mouth as a cry of penetrating emotion that reverberates through the listener in a sort of audible embrace. This kind of vocal mastery and lyrical vulnerability is rendered exclusively from an artist who has equal passion for the quality of her work and the impact it has on the listener.
I just wanted to put out great music that’s good for the soul. I think with the state of music now I think we’ve lost that,” she told me in regards to her motivation for making music again.“Artist’s now are focused on putting out singles, or doing release parties for one song, not understanding that people want more than just three records. I’d meet people on a daily basis that would tell me how my albums have inspired them and that they want more music from me. It wasjust having those kinds of encounters from supporters that really motivated me. Plus, it’s not likemusic is something that I can escape. It’s what I do. Even when I was out in my hiatus, I was still writing music.
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Fans and R&B listeners alike felt Tweet’s absence from music after her 2005 sophomore album–It’s Me Again. But while caught in the storm of change the industry is known for, she was also experiencing personal turmoil that made a break from the business somewhat of a necessity…
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Written By: Akeem J.
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