HUF X OBEY 2016 Capsule Collection

What’s up guys got some great news for all you skateboard x street wear junkies. As you all know the world of skateboarding has made quite the impact on the world of fashion especially street wear. Well one of the dopest brands in the game, HUF, is HUF_COLLECTION-1back collaborating with another popular and iconic brand OBEY, also one of my favorites by the way, on a sleek and new collection that’s already dropped this pat weekend. So if you haven’t seen it already let me be the first to give you the first look at the new HUF x OBEY Capsule Collection. A striking and new lineup of threads for our wearing needs. This new HUF_COLLECTION-6collection comes rocking a load of dope selection pieces, 17 pieces to be exact, while playing host to tees, hoodies, and more along the way. The new collection finds the iconic OBEY triple triangle logo design being focused on, while rocking some dope new coaches jackets, hats, socks and HUF footwear also apart of the collection. I mean check out all the images down below of this outstanding new collection. This new collection is available now at both HUF and OBEY shops worldwide as well as their online stores too. Check it out! Don’t forget to stay up to date with the latest in men’s fashion and trends, this dope collection needs to be in your closet for this upcoming spring/summer weather so check them out and tell them who sent you! Got to blast! – EffYeahMark

huf-obey-01huf-obey-02 huf-obey-03huf-obey-04 huf-obey-05huf-obey-06 huf-obey-07HUF_COLLECTION-2

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