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From Single Father to Fame 2Chainz’s Chef Aleem Talks Visual Cookbook

Initially inspired by single fatherhood to provide a processed-free diet to his children, Chef Aleem has taken culinary arts to new heights. Greatly recognized by the public for his unconventional release of his “Meal Time” cookbook included in 2 Chainz’s BOATS II album, Chef Aleem has since seasoned something special for the likes of personalities Cynthia Bailey, Phaedra Parks, super-producer Metro Boomin’ & several entertainment notables. On March 15, Chef Aleem will release the first ever-visual cookbook, “How Its Done”.


“Its something that’s been in me for a while, something to be a little different but still creative. I’m kind of known for having nice visuals putting little snippets on my instagram. I had a show concept in mind combining food with music and just making a whole event out of it. On 2 Chainz second album we had put a small cookbook in the album, it was kind of like a recipe for each song, it was 12 songs on the album so 12 recipes for each song. So from there it kind have always been on my mind to come up with a real complete one. I just wanted to be a little more interactive but still compelling enough for people to want to purchase and try it.”

Well known for his innovative and personal take on contemporary comfort cuisine, by incorporating global ingredients, modern cooking methods and a dash of swag. Also a magnum cum laude graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts of Atlanta, Chef Aleem has trained at some of the top fine dining restaurants in the city, from Spice, Mitra, Silk and even his very own before landing the gig of a lifetime as 2 Chainz personal chef. Chef Aleem is no doubt ATL from head to toe, coming from a strong family background Chef Aleem explains what inspired to jump into the cooking field.


“I was always interested but I never looked at it as a way to earn a living, actually what forced me into the kitchen was the unfortunate loss of my kids mom. You know back before there was food network and all that, there was a few cooking shows that would come on TV and hold my attention. So I decided two years ago to go to Le Cordon Bleu to get the theory behind it to go with what I could already do. You know be the master of my own destiny to do what’s best for my family now. You know just figuring out what can I do that will not lead to me being incarcerated or killed. So I said let me at least give cooking a shot, and school really helped me refine my techniques.”

Chef Aleem goes on to explain his preparation before entering the field.

“When I look back at my life I guess you can say I was prepared for it but just didn’t know it. I would watch my mom cook, watch these cooking shows, I would read certain things, but it was just for me to jazz up my own little creations.”

If you’ve ever been on 2 Chainz instagram especially around lunch time your eyes have probably had a good meal itself from photos of shrimps and grits, seared salmon and sweet pea risotto just to name a few of the mouth watering images all prepared by Chef Aleem. Chef Aleem goes on to explain his encounter with the trap music star later on building a friendship, which would change his life completely.


“My first restaurant was in the College Park area in Georgia and that happened to be the area where 2 Chainz grew up and was at the same time working. So by word of mouth he found out about my restaurant and there would be times where I would send plates to them during studio sessions and even when they would come in and out of town he would be like save me a plate, but this was before the 2 Chainz that you all know now. I remember we use to joke like man if you ever become big, you know I’ll take care of you, make sure your alright lol. On a serious note though 2 Chainz has kind of a bad stomach. So he noticed that when he would eat my food he wouldn’t feel down or tired but still feel good and ok. Between that and us becoming good friends, when he became this big superstar he had brought me out on tour with him a couple of weekends and then right after that Drake had asked him to go on tour and you know after that my reputation started to grow and my name was being thrown out there more and that’s pretty much in a nutshell how it all started.”

What’s next for the celebrity chef? Chef Aleem goes on to explain his non-profit and giving g back to the community that gave him his first start.

“I have a non profit called “Cool Kids Cook” I’m trying to get off the ground. To basically get young people to take back their health, learn how to shop properly and cook and just be interactive with their well being not just food. I also want to do a catering crew with it as well where they cook the food and serve the food you know learn the business side of it as well. Teach agriculture too linking young people up with farmers because everybody doesn’t necessarily want to be a chef. There are so many different avenues in the agriculture world and we just want to expose them to all the possibilities that’s out there.”

Chef Aleem is the truth from his upbringing to his dope style of cooking, he is truly an interesting character to watch in the kitchen for sure, and his magnificent food is the direct result of it all. “How Its Done” a visual cookbook and experience featuring Chef Aleem is available now for pre-order and worldwide March 15th get your download today, trust its worth the coin. In fact watch the trailer for it down below. – EffYeahMark

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