I Pledge Allegiance to “Allegiant!” The Latest Installment of The Divergent Series is a Hit!

It is another day and another girl fighting to save a post-apocalyptic world! Yep, Tris Prior is back and ready to save the world in Allegiant, the latest installment of the Divergent series. The film picks up in the aftermath of Insurgent, with Four’s mother, Evelyn, wresting control of the city from Jeanine and then executing her. She follows suit with Jeanine’s Erudite and Dauntless henchmen, executing them in tribunals. The factions have been dissolved, but the former Amity faction, led by Johanna Reyes, find Evelyn’s brand of justice to be unfair and cruel.

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Evelyn locks the gates that lead outside of the city to the Fringe, the wastelands beyond Chicago, despite the message from the founders urging the citizens to do so. Tris refuses to take a position of power in the city, but is desperate to find out who or what is beyond the walls. With help from Four and her friends she manages to save her brother, Caleb, from execution and make it to the other side of the walls. There she discovers the truth behind the factions when she meets the very people responsible for her existence. However, she soon learns nothing is at seems as she must learn the truth of the past, the prejudice of the presence, and stop a civil war between the Factionless and the Allegiant (formerly Amity) that could obliterate Chicago’s future.

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This installment of the series did an excellent job of explaining the background of the series. It really speaks volumes on the ethics of human genetic modification and the creation of “designer babies!” Shailene Woodley is as beautiful and powerful as ever as”Tris Prior”and coupled with Theo James as “Four,” the film becomes a phenomenon you must see! These two make heroism not only look easy, but palatable. You can definitely tell there must be a fourth film to show us the fate of our beloved characters; and it is called Ascendant and debuts June 9, 2017. Just be sure you catch Allegiant first in theaters everywhere today!

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