#CelebrityCrush- Logan Browning

Child stars are always cute, but seldom grow into true adult and successful actors and actresses. Logan Browning is truly more than a “seldom one.” Instead she has shed her Meet The Browns’ persona of the rebellious and rambunctious,  “Brianna Ortiz,” to become a true television villain in the form of Hit The Floor’s “Jelena Howard.” Weekly, we get to see this cat eyed girl–we mean grown ass woman–steal every scene and the hearts of millions with one dastardly deed after another. We never mind though because she looks so damn good doing it!


You would never know that in real life she is quite the sweetheart; someone admired by her family, friends, and co-stars. In fact, her on-screen love interest, Rob Riley, routinely praises her performances and they have a genuine friendship; despite those rumors of true romance between the two. The only thing more amazing than Logan’s acting is her beauty! Her eyes draw you in, her lips bend you to her will, and oh those curves–make good men bow!

We are not sure who shot her character on this week’s third season finale of Hit The Floor, but they just better be sure she survives–or VH-1’s ratings won’t!


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