Slim & Sleek: The Nodus Collection RFID Intelligent Wallet

Great news guys, I got a cool new product for you to try! Our friends from the Nodus Collection, Just released a line of compact, easy accessible, and stylish wallets that solves the ever growing problem of ‘card clash’ and ‘digital pickpocketing. For those unspecifiedwho don’t know the Nodus Collection is a luxury British accessories brand and we’ve recently released a new line of RFID intelligent wallets. Since 2013 Nodus Collection has been creating products that would improve the interactions that we have with the items we use the most. Primarily focusing their line of products to wallets and cases, the people down at the aNodus Collection created a range of products that are intuitive to use, elegant in style and tactile for everyday use. Set for the casual guy on the go, this wallet is built to last, hand crafted from the finest vegetable tanned leathers, incorporating innovative technologies using smartly placed RFID blocking material and design features hidden within, this wallet is sure to protect you from any digital pickpocketing or card clashing. Guys this wallet is the real deal I have one myself, and trust it’s worth the penny. I mean it’s sleek, stylish and compact, what more could you ask for? Why don’t you just look for yourself, the stylish and sleek wallets retail from around $50-$80 USD and are available online at their online shop. Check the out! Don’t forget to stay up to date with the latest in men’s fashion and trends, got to blast! – EffYeahMark


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