If Loving You Is Wrong- “A Mother’s Love”

If Loving You Is Wrong begins with Brad reading Randal’s subpoena. Randal tries to incite a fight with him by telling him that he is going to get his son and about how he slept with Alex. He really begins to act when he learns that Brad and Marcie are living together. Louise and Marcie try to keep them apart. Brad goes to Kelly’s house to give Alex the subpoena, but Kelly is hesitant to let him in. Alex pleads for him to go away, but Peter and Paisley demand to see their father. Kelly calls Ramsey and ask him to help her again with Brad. Ramsey comes in through the back door and tries to get him to stand down, not wanting to hurt him in front of his children. Paisley and Peter reveal they know about Alex and Randal’s affair. Brad confirms he and their mother are getting a divorce, but he promises to stay close by and hugs them. He gives Alex her subpoena, where she learns Randal’s intentions.

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Kelly spies Randal looking at them in the distance and demands he leave. He tries to goad her into a fight, reminding her about Travis. Ramsey stands between them and makes him leave. She races outside and begins to fight him and warns him that if he tries to take her son she will find out how dangerous she can be.  She declares she is done feuding with him, Brad, and Marcie. At the precinct, Esperanza checks Claudia’s references and finds them to be false. She asks Lushion to investigate her, but he calls a mysterious number instead.

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Julius goes to see his father, and finds a mysterious woman comforting her. Julius’s father reveals her name is Tilda, and she has been his mistress for over thirty years–and that they have a daughter older than him. Tilda reveals Quan is her son and that she knows Julius made him put a hit out on Eddie and shoot up the Burger Joint. Julius’s father disowns him and tells him he is leaving everything to his daughter. Julius tries to reason with him to no avail. In the elevator, Julius confronts Tilda, but she refuses to tell him anything. She tells him he is evil and she will make him pay for what he has done to Quan.

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Kelly and Ramsey flirt, while Alex looks on. Kelly tells her that he is a wonderful man and gets happy about getting to know him. Alex decides it is time she go on and move on with her life. Kelly insists they call the girls and their kids over for a slumber party at her house. At the hospital, Matthew asks Tina, a nurse there, to look after Pete. She reveals Ben is a drug addict and agrees. When he leaves, Eddie comes and demands Ben put a chemical in Pete’s IV. Ben reluctantly does so and Tina gets suspicious. Esperanza and Natalie agree to go to the slumber party, while Quan deals with a new dealer on his block. The dealer works for Eddie and tells him if he does anything to stop him he will tell Eddie about what he tried to do to him.


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