There’s Nothing He Can’t Do! Warryn Campbell Talks Music, Family, & Life On Top!

What does it take to be on top? Is it a cosmic lottery where you are randomly and divinely picked? Or perhaps it is the sheer desire to be the best, to push yourself beyond any limits you thought possible. We believe it is the latter, and so does Grammy Award winning producer, Warryn Campbell! Most people think they know this amazing man thanks to WE TV’s Mary Mary,as the husband and manager to hit gospel singer, Erica Campbell. Still there is so much more to Mr. Campbell, whether he’s dealing with the drama on reality television or being an attentive husband and doting father, he has proven to be one of the music industry’s powerhouses!

Warryn is far more than a musician. Music is his life and quite possibly a great love of his; comparable, yet different to his love for God and his family. “I live, eat, and breathe music…since I was a kid I’ve always been into it, always making songs, writing, and pushing myself to make what I loved into what I was doing for a living. It’s a winning situation…” Warryn’s love for music shows in every project and in all of his acts. Besides, managing his wife Erica, he also is the producer for big acts like Mario, Missy Elliot, Brandy, Kelly Price, Yolanda Adams, Michelle Williams, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Heavy D, and more.

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Most recently he has been working with Musiq on his latest album, Life On Earth. The album has already met rave reviews, with many fans calling it the artist’s best work to date! “Working with Musiq is phenomenal…with some artists you have to come into the studio, get them warmed up, focused, and on point. He [Musiq] just comes in and does the thing! He’s so professional and focused; it’s a real pleasure to work with him.” Warryn’s ear for music is truly astonishing, only the library of songs he has written and produced surpasses it, numbering in the hundreds. “Well I’m a songwriter and producer so I wake up with music in my head to make every day. Sometimes you can create a song that’s not right for music currently, but a few years down the road the right artist comes along and I’ll recall a song a made awhile back and I’ll try to see if it is a good fit for them…”

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You would think that someone as busy Mr. Campbell would often find himself overwhelmed by his work and duties to his family. Instead, he is a master multi-tasker, balancing his various roles, elegantly and powerfully. This definitely rings true when it comes his career and marriage. “We [he and his wife] both know when to switch roles and change hats…sometimes we’re talking as manager and artist and when we’re home its husband and wife, and business is out the door…but our children come first. Each of them are musicians too and learning about the industry…I always say they’re gonna get law degrees in addition to doing music, so they can learn the legal ins and outs of the business…”

Warryn has been in the music industry for over twenty years now. Not only is that a milestone, but a true testament to his genius and mastery of a timeless industry. We often see the artist, hear their music, and sing along to their songs, but what about the producers and moguls that got them there? Indeed, their stories are just as enchanting and riveting, if not more so. “My father told me not to be as good as someone else, but instead be better…” Better is not the word to describe, but it does suit the quality of music he has given the world. Father, producer, songwriter, manager, mogul—Warryn Campbell—you’ve got to love him!

warryn campbell hey mikey atl

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