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Empire- “The Tameness of A Wolf”

Empire began somberly as Hakeem and most of the staff of the label mourn the loss of Camilla. Hakeem speaks to everyone, declaring she will live on through her work and their fashion line, Antony & Cleopatra. He names Rhonda as the new creative director to oversee its future. Cookie, however, is glad to see her gone. Andre apologized to his wife for accusing her of cheating. Upstairs, Cookie and her boys find Lucious sitting in Hakeem’s chair in his office. He commends Hakeem for getting rid of Camilla, telling him he killed her. Hakeem becomes irate and tells them it was not his intention for any of that to happen. Cookie shuts the door so no one can hear them, telling them the police called it a murdersuicide just like they wanted. She suggests they all move forward. She reminds them her birthday is coming up and tells them all she wants is a peaceful family dinner, being that this is the first free one she has had in years since getting out of prison.

Becky brings Hakeem a tabloid magazine discussing a beef between Tiana and Laura. She advises him to fix whatever is going on between his ex and current girlfriends. Andre tells him he should not be dating one of his artist anyway. Hakeem angrily tells them he will handle it. Cookie and Lucious prepare to work on his video. He takes her to the building he was raised in. Cookie is surprised to see it and even more shocked to learn what his mother did to him. He tells her  that after his mother tried to drown him she shot herself in the head She tells him he must tell the complete truth about his origins, not for an ASA, but for her since she went to jail for a man whose real name she did not even know. He goes on to tell her that he wondered the street for six months until he met Frank Gethers, Freda Gatz father and taught him how to survive. Cookie initially feels guilty, but realizes they did what they had to do.


Hakeem meets with Tiana and Laura on tour to squash their fights. He seemingly manages a compromise with Laura only going over her set in smaller cities, and Laura not wearing Tiana’s costumes. He performs with both of them stage to squash the rumors. Afterwards, while meeting with Laura’s family, he realizes how competitive his own family is. Elsewhere, Cookie casts the parts for Lucious’ mother in the video. When he sees the girl on set and how much she looks like his mother, he flashes back and begin to tear up. Cookie makes the crew leave and then talks to the boy playing Lucious and gives him direction for his character. Meanwhile, Jamal continues to work on his album, but feels he needs Freda’s voice on one of his songs, wanting to stick it to his father. Hakeem goes with him to her neighborhood to find her. There, they perform for, and with the kids in the neighborhood. When Freda finally arrives she turns them down, sticking with Lucious.

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Freda goes to the set of Lucious’ video. There, he reveals he cut her and her verse out of the song due to how personal the video was for him. She becomes angry and leaves to work with Jamal. She tells him she now sees why they have issues with their father. When Cookie learns Freda is Frank’s daughter she is overcome with guilt. Later, Jamal visits her and tells her he is going to take her out the following the day. She knows he is only doing it to avoid his father at her birthday dinner. She resides to making it an intimate dinner with just her and Lucious that night. Hakeem proposes to Laura after her concert, with Tiana looking on.  That night, Cookie goes to Lucious’ home and is surprised to find her family there. Everyone seems to have a good time until she prepares to show them Lucious’ video. He is hestitant to allow her. When Andre sees how his grandmother killed herself, he flashes back to his suicide attempt and realizes she was bipolar too. He angrily questions his father. Lucious becomes angry and tells him that she was and that he sent him to so many schools and allowed him to marry Rhonda because he thought it was help make him stronger. He leaves angrily and makes Rhonda stay behind. She in turn calls Anika for help. The latter tells her she can stay with her as long as she needs to.


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