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What’s Next? The X-Men Franchise After “Apocalypse!”

What’s Next? The X-Men Franchise After “Apocalypse!”

X-Men: Apocalypse is a little over a month next, and it marks the end of the New Class trilogy. We now wonder what is next for Fox’s biggest franchise to date? The merry mutants have entertained us on the Big Screen for sixteen years now and we have watched them fight supervillains, mutant terrorists, corrupt government officials, and killer robots. Now, with news of a second Deadpool film, X-Force movie, and a script on the New Mutants; it seems our favorite mutants will live on forever. Let’s give you the details on these three highly anticipated films!

Deadpool 2

deadpool hey mikey atl

It is official that Deadpoolthe film centered around everyone’s favorite “Merc with a Mouth” is a bona fide hit! Despite being Rated R and somewhat gruesome it has solidified its place in cinematic history as the highest grossing R-rated movie to date. The next film is sure to deliver all the humor, gore, and action of the first–with the confirmed appearance of Cable! If you did not know, Cable is the son of the X-Men’s leader, Cyclops, and a clone of Jean Grey, Madelyne Pryor.

New Mutants

new mutants hey mikey atl

If the Teen Titans are teeny bopper versions of the Justice League, then just think of the New Mutants as the junior X-Men! These young mutants are splinter team of mutants who were educated and trained by Professor X and Magneto. These young mutants, arguably, dealt with deadlier enemies early on than the original X-Men did in their inception. Their powers are pretty interesting as well. Are you ready for a team with a werewolf, techno-organic alien, a girl made of lava, and a man who is invulnerable and can fly?


x-force hey mikey atl

The X-Force are also a splinter team from the X-Men, albeit deadlier, more militant, and traditionally lead by Cable. Interestingly, many members of the New Mutants grew up to join this team in its inception. In recent years it has become a black-ops team commissioned by Cyclops to take out–by “take out” we mean eradicate–threats to mutantkind. We are not sure what mutants will be on his roster, but Deadpool, Wolverine, Psylocke, Archangel, and Warpath, all X-Men we have seen before, have been members.

We have to give it up to Fox on this move. We may have been a little angry with them about delaying Gambit, but this is a smart move. A smarter move, however, would be to mirror Sony and work out a deal with Marvel to get all of these amazing heroes into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and glued to the Big Screen, it looks like the movie theater will be the place to be over the next few years!


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