Revenge Served Cold! “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” (@TheHuntsman) is a Chilling Hit!

These live action fairy tale movies are really becoming more and more riveting. The virtual magic of CGI and the hotness that is Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, and Chris Hemsworth is truly chemistry for any hit movie. In The Huntsman: Winter’s War we are whisked back to the world of Snow White, where we learn “Happily Ever After” still has not been attained. There are other evils in the world–colder, crueler ones. In the Deep North, the Evil Queen Ravenna’s younger sister, Freya, rules with a frozen fist. Her loss of love and her own daughter, unlocks her icy powers, and commands her to take the children of the people she subjugates.

These children are raised to believe love is a sin and trained to become her huntsmen, an army of elite fighters that succeed in conquering all the kingdoms of the North. Freya, however, is not satisfied and seeks to conquer Snow White’s kingdom in the South, but will need the power of her sister’s mirror to do so.


Eric The Huntsman, having long since been cast from her kingdom for falling in love, is tasked by Snow White to take Ravenna’s mirror and hide it where no one can ever find it. A battle soon ensues as The Huntsman must face his past, and former brothers and sisters in arms, to keep the mirror’s powers out of Freya’s hands. It will take all of his cunning, strength, and the true power of love to stop Freya and an older, more deadlier enemy who proves to be more powerful and resilient than ever!


This movie was visually stunning and riveting. Emily Blunt makes quite the Ice Queen. However, once again, Charlize Theron steals the show as Ravenna. Her beauty, charisma, and cunning are real scene stealers. However, we do wish Freya had been the primary villain. It would have been riveting to see her fully unleashed, as a staunch antithesis to Disney’s beloved, Elsa! Chris Hemsworth played the typical stoic, but loving hero as he normally does. However, it is Jessica Chastain who is the real bad ass of the film. We definitely hope to see more of her. This film is garnering some generally negative reviews, but we encourage you to see it for yourself. We are definitely hoping for a sequel!

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