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Kontrol Exclusive: The Shivonne J Experience


By: Mark Pollard

Shivonne J is not only an award winning hair stylist to the stars or a fashion guru diva on her many social media platforms from Instagram to her blogs, She is a hair mogul on the rise with the development of her very own brand “The Shivonne J Experience”, This Houston, Texas native goes on to talk about her accomplishments, brand, style and motivation on pursuing such a broad yet lucrative and hairy career.

“Doing hair is something that I’ve always been good at; I got my start when I moved to Atlanta, Ga in 2007. I went to school to pursue hair there. I met some great people, learned some great thing and then I moved back to Houston around 2011, and I brought my skills here. There was a lot of popular styles trending up in Atlanta but not in Houston so I brought them here, and after that I was able to gain recognition very quickly bringing back a wand curl technique Houston wasn’t use too. Then after that I began to gain recognition and exposure very quickly. That’s pretty much how I got started and then I entered a hair competition, Bobbi Boss Next Top Stylist in 2014 it was my first hair competition and I won first place.”

With a bright career beginning to unfold so rapidly it would only be right to capitalize on her fast recognition with the creation of her own hair branding company, thus the start of The “Shivonne J Experience”.

“The Shivonne J Experience is a luxury hair care experience for women. I pride myself on making the women feel beautiful inside and out. I take care of the natural hair first, making sure to replenish the hair so it can be strong and healthy. I also do great cuts, great weaves and installations, so that they can wear more versatile styles and be able to gain the confidence they deserve. So the Shivonne J Experience is a luxury experience that every woman deserves, so that you’ll be ready for any red carpet or occasion.”

With the creation of such a luxury hair experience she talks about a possible product line in the mix debuting in the near future.

“My partner and me are actually talking about like a control paste, something natural organic and also helps the hair grow, and helps the edges as well. So we are currently mixing up some stuff trying to get some things together, so be on the look out for that real soon.” 

Now if you don’t follow her on Instagram you should because not only is she a guru when it comes to your edges, but she’s also a guru when it comes to style. With her own unique taste when it comes to her choice of fashion, Shivonne is surely becoming not only the queen of hair but also the queen of style as well.

“I like details mixed with timeless and trendy fashions. I think of it being more effortless sexy. I love layers, I really enjoy putting outfits together, opposed to just throwing something on. I want to be an inspiration to women to let them know that you don’t always have to wear something low, short, or tight to be sexy. I can mix it up but still keep it classy I’m a chameleon.” 

Since we’re on the topic of style and what’s trending Shivonne weighs in on what hairstyle she thinks every women should be rocking this upcoming summer season and also what style is just becoming so overated.


“I love cuts you know the mid lengths the whole effortless glamour type of look. Whether it’s a bob or mid-length style, I love it right now! You know I’m just really over the really long like 28-inch hair, the hair that’s almost to your butt. I want to see more mob cuts you know more texture to hair.”

Shivonne is not only a hair and style maven and businesswoman on the rise but most importantly she’s a mother and a friend. She goes on to explain what motivates her to continue pursuing what she’s so talented at doing.

“My family and friends motivate me a lot, especially my children. When I look at them I want them to have the best of the best. On top of the positive feedback I get back from supporters it really makes me want to do more. You know Sometimes I feel like I have so much more room for improvement because I’m a perfectionist, but all my supporters reassure and make me feel like I’m already there.”

Beautiful remarks coming from an equally beautiful woman. So what’s next for her you ask? With the many business endeavors this super star hair stylist could maneuver incorporating her fashion and hair into one big style empire, she just wants to focus on her luxury brand and doing positive things utilizing her God given talents.

“I want to own a chain of luxury salons in different cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, and of course Houston. I want to get my hair care and wig line up and for it to be successful, I also want to start a non-profit making wigs for women battling cancer. I would love to do some classes with some other well-known stylists, but at the end of the day I just want everyone to be able to get the Shivonne J Experience!”


Shivonne is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the hair world and will definitely make her presence noticed when she makes waves in a salon or hair care shelf near you. Check out her blogs below to get some awesome hair care tips as well as a peak into the fabulous life of Shivonne J herself! Be sure to catch more of her hair tips and work on her blog www.shivonne and Instagram @shivonnejexperience @shivonnej

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