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If Loving You Is Wrong- “For Pete”

Patricide is the name of the game on the latest episode of Tyler Perry’s If Loving You Is Wrong as Julius smothers his father with a pillow. Nurses and doctors race in to save him when they see his vitals have failed. Julius flees with his father’s guard demanding answers. Elsewhere in the hospital Lushion arrives to check on Pete. Matthew is suspicious to find him there. He tells him he is there to visit Pete and make sure things are okay. Lushion finds Ben guarding Pete and tells him he will relieve him. Ben is hesitant, claiming he does not want the captain mad at him for allowing Lushion to take over. Lushion tells him they will both stay around and then goes in to visit Pete. There, Lushion swears to him he will take down all the corrupt cops. Eddie arrives and finds Lushion visiting Pete. He berates Ben for not knowing what to do about the situation and then tells him he will take care of it after slapping him! Lushion calls Natalie as she returns to Alex’s house, asking about the brown paper bag with the disk in it. Natalie is reluctant to wake up the kids, not wanting to cause any commotion in the house and promises to question them in the morning. He reluctantly agrees.

pete if loving you is wrong hey mikey atl

The next morning, Marcie wakes Brad up to talk. She finds his penis is erect, he tells her it is a “man thing.” She tells him he was calling Alex’s name all night in his sleep. She feels he should leave or go home to talk to her, because their story is not done. Everyone wakes up at Alex’s house. Kelly tells Natalie she will bring Ramsey the paperwork needed to start purchasing his home. Natalie questions her children about the disk, but none of them have seen it. As everyone leaves to start their day, Louise approaches Kelly asking her to help diffuse the custody battle between Randal and Alex. Kelly is initially hesitant, but agrees to speak with Alex. Inside, Alex refuses, despite Kelly’s advice to talk to her. She finally changes her mind and hears what Louise has to say. Louise comments on how much the baby looks like Randal when was that age and asks his name. Alex tells her his name is Brad! Louise advises her to allow Randal to see the baby, and she feels it will calm him down enough to drop the case. Kelly agrees with her, but she refuses and warns Louise her son is in danger.


Later, Kelly takes Ramsey Natalie’s papers on her lunch break. He is happy to see her, but seems hesitant to let her inside. Inside, Kelly meets a woman who tells him she found something on his bed. Ramsey tries to get Kelly to explain the papers to him but she leaves quickly, heartbroken. She sobs at her desk until Alex calls and tells her she will allow Randal to visit with Brad. When he arrives he tries to hug and talk to her, but she rebuffs his advances. Randal is in awe of Brad when he sees him. Alex asks him to do her a favor and drop the suit before things get worst. She tells him whatever visitation they need to work out should be between them and outside of court. Randal seems to ignore her until he learns she has named him Brad. He refuses to allow that, telling her he wants him to have his name. He also tells her he wants custody so he will not miss any of his milestones. Alex warns him that messing with her will be like a mother bear defending her cubs. She then apologizes for what she will now have to do to him. Brad then enters the house and finds them together.

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