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#CelebrityCrush- Emily Bett Rickards

The CW’s Arrow is a true hit with audiences everywhere. Loosely based on DC Comics’ character, Green Arrow, the show entails the triumphs and downfalls of Oliver Queen and his allies as they defend Starling City against villains. According to comic mythos, the superheroine, Black Canary, is the Green Arrow’s true love. However, in the television series it is tech wiz and super hacker, Felcity Smoak who has won the hero’s heart. When you take a look at the actress who portrays her, Emily Bett Rickards, it is easy to see why!


Emily may very well be the epitome of “sexy, nerdy, and cool!” That is why she is this week’s Celebrity Crush! She easily has that whole “girl next door” thing down packed. Still, what we like most about her on and off screen is her earthiness. She is genuinely a nice person, beautiful inside and out. It is no doubt her acting skills are what compelled the writers at DC Comics to make her character canon and add Felicity Smoak to the DC Universe proper. We are not sure what is next for Emily or Felicity, being that they are killing Green Arrow’s allies off (We really miss you Laurel!), but you can be sure Emily is going to rise on top while giving each of us different kind of rise!

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