Italy’s PASTAFROLLASQUAD x Streetwear Brand GCDS for Its Latest Lookbook

Cool news guys, got a dope brand you should all check out. I’m not at all a skater by no means, gravity and myself have come to a decision that skating and/or skateboarding is just something I can’t do lol. However I do enjoy rocking the threads from different street wear brands like I do though lol, so hergcds-2016-pastafrollasquad-lookbook-4e’s a new brand I recently just came across that in my opinion I think is on that level of dopeness street wear enthusiasts like myself will approve of. Highlighting the youth and charisma of being young, trendy and on the go featuring a young skateboarding crew, Italian street wear brand GCDS enlists young, Brescia-based skate group PASTAFROLLASQUAD for its latest look book. Consisting of Enrique Migliorini, Lorenzo Belli and Lorenzo Savoldi and more, the group wander the streets of Milan like it’s their own backyard for this year’s photo spread. The vibe and brink of the group is highlighted by GCDS’ latest collection, which is inspired by the Californian skate scene of the ’90s. Within thgcds-2016-pastafrollasquad-lookbook-2e collection there are pieces from logo tees, to NASCAR long sleeves, cool zip denim shirts, to brand logo sweaters and caps. This collection is definitely geared towards the young skater dudes or perhaps the more beach laidback Cali styled mavens out there. Anyways check out the look book video below for yourself to be the judge, this collection is dope in my opinion but you be the judge. Also check out their website here they ship all over the world including the U.S., and don’t forget to stay up to date with the latest in men’s fashion and trends. Got to blast! – EffYeahMark

gcds-2016-pastafrollasquad-lookbook-1gcds-2016-pastafrollasquad-lookbook-3 gcds-2016-pastafrollasquad-lookbook-5gcds-2016-pastafrollasquad-lookbook-6

gcds-2016-pastafrollasquad-lookbook-7gcds-2016-pastafrollasquad-lookbook-8 gcds-2016-pastafrollasquad-lookbook-9gcds-2016-pastafrollasquad-lookbook-10

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