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If Loving You Is Wrong- “The Wicked Soul”

If Loving You Is Wrong- “The Wicked Soul”

If Loving You Is Wrong begins with Alex in desperation. She goes to see her father, Rusty, for help with Randal. He demands that she tell him she was raped and did not willingly have sex with Randal. She refuses to recant what really happened. He slaps her and tells her how he disgusted he is with her and that Randal should take her baby since all Blacks belong together. He spits in her face! Alex’s mother demands she leave and not involve them in her business any longer. Alex refuses to leave, begging her father for help. Her mother slaps her and tells her to leave and never come back as Rusty aims a shotgun at her. As she drives away, Rusty tells his wife he is going to gas up his truck and get his friends. His wife tries to stop him, but he will not hear it! At the precinct, Eddie tries to come onto Claudia, but she rebuffs his advances. He then grabs her and  confronts her about her origins, telling her whatever she is up to it better not bring any harm to him. Claudia seems spooked, then calls “Evolution” on her phone, and leaves the precinct–with Eddie in pursuit. Marcie goes to see Brad and tries to convince him to work things out with Alex.

if loving you is wrong natalie and lushion hey mikey atl

Lushion arrives at the precinct to pick up his pay stubs to go along with his rental agreement paperwork. There, Andrew informs him Steven and The Captain have been in the office have an unknown, but intense conversation. Lushion commends him for keeping an eye for out things and tells him to keep him posted. Andrew also informs him Eddie is in pursuit of Claudia. Kelly tries to call Alex to see what is taking so long with her “doctor’s appointment,” to no avail. She hears and sees Ramsey doing yard work outside and goes to talk to him. She asks him to try and keep it down as she is trying to get baby Brad to sleep. He agrees, and when she tries to apologize for assuming his cousin’s wife was a girl he is with he shuts her down. She invites him inside to talk, but he refuses. Lushion pulls up as Kelly goes inside. He suggests to Ramsey that he talk to her. He tells him he is done with Kelly. Meanwhile, Joey finally comes out of hiding from Faun’s wardrobe. He asks her to make sure her father is gone. He then tells her he does not feel comfortable with her doing the cash pickups alone. She suggests he come with her and gives her one of her father’s guns for protection. Joey reluctantly agrees to take it.

Zulay Henao as "Esperanza"
Zulay Henao as “Esperanza”

At The Burger Joint, Esperanza comforts Natalie about Lushion’s alleged affair. When Kelly spies Claudia going into the house with Lushion she calls Esperanza  to inform her. Esperanza and Natalie decide to pop up on him! Alex returns to Kelly’s house to pick up Brad. Kelly tells her that Justice is spending the night with one of his classmates and the classmate’s mother wanted to invite Peter and Paisley to spend the night. Alex decides she wants them home and thanks Kelly. Later, Natalie pops up on Claudia and Lushion and demands to know what is going on. Eddie tracked Claudia  there and demands to know what he is up to with her. The women hide in another room with Claudia guarding Natalie with a gun.   Lushion threatens to shoot him if he does not leave. When he goes Lushion reveals that he and Claudia are FBI agents against the latter’s wishes. He tells her to stick with the case, and makes Natalie promise never to tell anyone. She happily agrees and calls to tell Joey to be home by eight o’clock for them to go and see the new house.

Amanda Clayton Alex hey mikey atl if loving you is wrong

Marcie goes to see Alex and tells her to fight for Brad. She leaves, telling her she is giving her a fair shot before she steals him. Alex calls Brad, and they recount how they first met and what she looked like. Alex begs him for another chance and asks that they go to counseling. Brad tells her he is not returning to her. She in turn, tells him if, or when, he is ever she will welcome him home. That night, Travis breaks into Kelly’s home while she is sleeping and rubs her face and thighs. He then leaves her front door open, scaring her. Then he goes into another house and walks in on someone showering! Joey and Faun return to his house after making the final cash pickups. There Quan runs up on him with a gun and they fire at each other. Joey is hit in the chest and stomach. Natalie breaks down as Lushion checks his vitals. Faun and Quan are down too! Elsewhere, Alex looks on as her father and his friends invade Randal’s home with shotguns and attach him. She leaves the baby inside as she goes to see what has happened. When she returns the baby


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