Daily Paper 2016 S/S Pt. 2 Goes Desert Chic

Was doing some window shopping earlier today, online of course lol, I feel like that’s the only way you can really see what’s out there around the world ydaily-paper-latest-2016-spring-summer-lookbook-1ou know other than what’s in your average shopping mall. Just trying to be different try some new labels other than the popular ones everyone else is wearing, you know being a real trendsetter and what not lol. Anyways back to what I m trying to tell you guys, while searching for a dope brand I came across this Amsterdam-based contemporary label called Daily Paper, and just in time too because they just released their second delivery of dope threads with their latest spring/summer collection with looks inspired by nomadic tribes which can be seen throughout its fabrics and patterns. Water-repellentdaily-paper-latest-2016-spring-summer-lookbook-2 nylon and special cotton mixes present its pieces with reliability along with a blend of casual and formal outfits. Daily Paper’s contemporary take on culture is featured in a selection of lightweight coach jackets, striped button-up oxford shirts seen in a mix of colors from black, fire red and royal blue with either an off-white, grey or white base. Tees and swim shorts complete the offering with a few windbreaker jackets for those cool summer nights. Daily Paper’s second delivery of its 2016 spring/summer collection is currently available online and at select retailers. Don’t forget to stay up to date with the latest in mens fashion and trends. Got to blast! – EffYeahMark

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