Coach & Disney Teamed Up For A New Collection!

Executive creative director of Coach, Stuart Vevers is not only a fan of fine leather and luxury design but also a longtime Disney fanatic as well, which explains why now exclusively Coach and Vevers have created a group of limited-edition bags, sportswear, and sneakers in collaboration with Disney. All of the items in this cool collection from the leather jacket wit10-disney-coachh the studded silhouette on its back, to the T-shirts, to an impressive array of handbags, backpacks, purses, and totes, feature a certain mouse, caught in a variety of bold poses. According to, Though Vevers is a fan of the entire extended Disney cartoon clan, “We only did Mickey, the icon—it’s America’s leather house with America’s mouse!” For inspiration, he turned to the cheeky Mickey of the ’70s and ’80s, “Mickey in a cool context,” as he puts it. “Madonna with the ears, Emilio Estevez in The Outsiders. Something tougher!” Well, as tough as a mouse in shorts can be. The results are sometimes overt—a snap-top purse with giant ears—but frequently more subtle, offering a graphic small enough to slip into a board meeting, but sufficiently visible to raise a smile to your lips on a dark day. How bad can your mood be if you have a roller-skating Mickey on your arm? This cool collab launches today exclusively at the Coach store in Soho, New York, and at Colette, in Paris, and will be released on June 17 on and Coach stores worldwide.


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